What Lies Beneath:
A Look At Today’s Options For Men’s Underwear


When a man reaches a certain age, he has to give up the Superman Underoos and put on his big boy underpants. If you’re reading this and you haven’t made that switch, you’re either too young to be reading or you need to pay close attention.


The question used to be “Boxers or Briefs”. Boxers and Briefs are the two most common varieties of men’s underpants. Boxers are cut loose. They are comfortable and they let the ‘boys’ breathe. Briefs tend to be more restricting, yet come in handy when you’re working out, running, or participating in some activity during which the ‘boys’ might want to be kept a little closer to home. They hybrid of these two are Boxerbriefs; typically made of knit cotton like a brief, yet longer onto the thigh, like a boxer. These, amigos, are my favorite.

Boxerbriefs were first sold in 1990. Or at least that’s when the term was coined. Some have a pouch, making them great for athletics because you don’t necessarily need to wear a jockstrap if you’re wearing them. The Trunk is a variety of Boxerbrief that is slightly shorter on the leg but otherwise has the benefits. Regardless of the fit you choose, if you haven’t invested in underwear with moisture wicking, you must. Moisture wicking helps absorb moisture that can lead to odor, chaffing and…well, worse stuff you and the ‘boys’ don’t want to risk. Lets just say that humidity is not your friend down there.


This time of year, you’ll probably start thinking about thermals. Thermals are usually made from cotton with a box-weave texture, although some are made from flannel. The two-ply fabric uses trapped body heat to insulate against the cold air. When you’re looking for men’s thermals, I recommend checking out Wickers. Their moisture wicking thermals are specially made not only to keep you warm but to absorb moisture from perspiration – which is the biggest complaint from men when wearing long or thermal underwear, as well as preventing odor and the discomfort that can come from extreme temperatures.

Regardless of the type of base garments you choose, a few simple maxims apply. Get the right fit. Look for moisture wicking. Use a gentle detergent in the wash. Keep the superhero inside, not out.

Check out some of my favorite sites for purchasing underwear online: www.coolmaxclothing.com, www.boxerbriefs.com, www.sierratradingpost, www.jcpenney.com and www.wickers.com

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Alex Skimpeez

Great article, I moved to boxer briefs early on because of the comfort, look, fit. But I also enjoy wearing other styles on other occasions. Some boxers to lounge in or maybe some sexy briefs to get you partner going.


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