What’s in Your Beach Bag? The Cosmopolitan Beach Bum Essentials

Relaxing by the beach is the ultimate reprieve following a New York City winter, as if it were a reward for toughing out the season. With beaches alongside the city on the coasts of Long Island and New Jersey, we should all be making the trek for a sunny afternoon or an overnight at a resort. Regardless of how long your visit is, you might find it’s time to re-think packing for your sandy oasis.

Here we’ve found some new products that will enhance your beach experience; easy additions to your beach bag that don’t take up too much space. So this year stick in a couple of these next to your beach towels and Havaianas for a superlative beach day.

Mywalit Key Case & Credit Card Holder
Photo Credit: Mywalit

Leaving your wallet behind never seemed like such an obvious answer until now. Mywalit, an Italian Leather good brand, offers a nice range of durable yet tiny credit card holders and key cases in an array of masculine color combinations. The collection is diverse and caters to various needs. Attach your car keys to avoid the nightmare of losing them in the sand, or tuck away your room key with your credit cards – there is even space for some cabana cash.

Available at Pertutti Luggage and at http://www.mywalit.com.

Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild Sunglasses by VonZipper
Photo Credit: VonZipper

Sunglasses are a timeless beach statement, and a great opportunity to show off your original style. Don’t waste the moment, and be more contemporary than ordinary! These styles are from the exclusive Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild Collection by VonZipper for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. The frames are handsome, and in popular shapes with some sportier accents. In the spirit of the FCG, I urge you to claim your right to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure possible for you. For me, that would be getting my UV protection in some unique shades.

Available at various VonZipper dealers including the Zumies, Cohen’s Fashion Optical and here: http://www.VonZipper.com.

The Phoenix, Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Beacon Audio
Photo Credit: Beacon Audio

Portable music gets another upgrade. Instead of tuning out your friends with your ipod and earphones, share the musical bliss with the entire crew. The Phoenix is an awesome new music player that pairs cable free with almost any bluetooth device. It has a battery life of 8 hours, and blares an impressive sound for a device of its size – it can literally fit in the palm of your hand! Why not pass it around and let all of your friends be the deejay for a bit? Finally, gone are the days of boom boxes on the beach.

The Phoenix is available at B&H Photo and http://www.BeaconAudio.com.

Billy Jealousy Adrenaline Junkie Energizing Scrub
Photo Credit: Billy Jealousy

The ultimate beach vacation scrub. This face and body wash from Billy Jealousy gives you both the benefits of exfoliating & moisturizing your skin and the energy of an athlete. I recommend washing with this in the morning and by the time you are dressed you will be ready to hit the beach. The key ingredients are peppermint oil, jojoba esters, mulberry extract, and sunflower glycerides to naturally moisturize and increase circulation. It gives you an extra kick to help you cut through the water like Ryan Lochte and dominate the volleyball court.

Available at Adrenaline Junkie at Ulta stores or at http://www.BillyJealousy.com.

Epicuren Active Sport Treat UVA & UVB Sunscreen SPF 30+
Photo Credit: Epicuren

A tried and tested sunscreen should really go without saying, but here is my recommendation. Epicuren is a good product because it is appropriate for almost all skin types, a sunscreen you might pass around to your friends. This formula is water resistant, an added benefit for those who enjoy dipping themselves in the water or playing intense, sweat-inducing beach sports. I recommend applying the lotion about 20 minutes before sun exposure for maximum protection and re-apply often if you are soaking up the sun.

Available at a number of Epicuren retailers in Manhattan including Skin Care Lab, Haven or visit: http://www.Epicuren.com.

Ahava Time For Men Mineral Hand Cream
Photo Credit: Ahava

Your hands often get very dry at the beach, and the remedy is often overlooked when packing a beach bag. Here is a good solution. This mineral hand cream absorbs quickly and hydrates making it perfect for days under the sun. The best time to use it would be after you get out of the salt water or just before popping open the cooler to grab your lunch.

Avilable at Beauty Bridge or http://www.AhavaUS.com.

Dickies 1922 Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is a metro man staple, and should always be within reach on any sort of outing. This one from Dickies is suitable because it is super light weight and has a vintage feel to it, perfect for enjoying a light breeze. Wear a shirt like this one for your next walk along the beach with your wife or girlfriend and everyone will know you are a man of style.

You can purchase this at Tillys or visit http://www.dickies.com

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