What’s that Smell? Five Colognes that will Keep ‘em Coming!

Roses are red, violets are blue, with so many scents, which one is for you? Choosing the right cologne can be easy or challenging, depending on your tastes. It’s not simply a matter of which bottle looks cool, or spraying a tester in the air. It’s about finding the perfect harmony between your skin’s natural pheromones and a specific scent that not only compliments them, but also makes you feel great when you wear it. That may sound a bit like overkill, which is probably why studies show that over half of us guys don’t even bother to wear cologne.

So keeping in mind that less is more, I’ve listed a few awesome choices for us. Whether you’re a novice or a fragrance connoisseur, you’ll definitely find something you like.

James Bond 007: Quantum
Ever wanted to be a stylish, handsome and daring secret agent? With James Bond 007: Quantum you can be; or at least smell like one. This lightweight, but resonant scent will leave everyone in your path delightfully intoxicated and intrigued. Complete with hints of deep woods and fresh citrus, Quantum embodies a cool, fresh and confident appeal, while still maintaining a dash of mystery and masculine flair that Bond was known for. This is an exceptionally sexy fragrance and a must try!

Available at http://www.Kohls.com

Hugo Boss: Red
This unique cologne takes you on a journey. It starts off seductively intense, slightly metallic, and almost arctic, then, it mellows into a warm, spiced and earthy scent reminiscent of a warm log cabin with the fireplace lit. Boasting underlying notes of grapefruit, hot amber and cedar wood, you can’t go wrong with this one. Subtle enough for your work day, and bold enough for a night of play, Red is a versatile fragrance and great option for any of you trying to find that signature scent.

Available at http://www.HugoBoss.com

L’eau D’issey Pour Homme: Issey Miyake
If one could imagine what a truly classic fragrance would be, it would probably smell something like Issey Miyake. Reminiscent of freshly washed linen on a crisp, dewy spring day, Miyake lingers playfully in the air. A notable fact is the mix of water lily, lemon, spices, and woods, yet it never once becomes overbearing or harsh. This feather light and aromatic scent has a subdued yet bright charm making it perfect for any occasion.

Available at http://www.FragranceNet.com

John Varvatos: Artisian Black
One word – Amazing! You know how with some cologne’s you have to warm up to them? Not with Artisian Black from John Varvatos. The first spritz of this will have you hooked. This fragrance simply put, is sexiness amplified. It has such a masculine yet sweet aroma. Lightly spiced and perfectly married with notes of orange blossom, jasmine, slight musk, soft luxurious leather, and various other exotic ingredients, your sense of smell will experience a euphoric overload. When you wear Artisian Black, you might as well get used to saying the name because everyone will ask. It’s just that good!

Available at http://www.FragranceNet.com

Lacoste: Rouge
Imagine yourself on a tropical getaway. Fresh mangos, palm trees, gentle sea breeze, and succulent spices fill your palate. The name would be Eau de Lacoste: Rouge. This heavenly concoction is yet another that is “signature scent” worthy. This fragrance maintains a fresh, high energy while capturing a smoky and spicy appeal. Whether you wear it to the office, spray it on after a workout, or wear it for a naughty night out, Rouge is a winner, and rightfully so. Definitely a head turner!

Available at http://www.Bloomingdales.com

Hopefully these will help get you on the track to smelling like a million bucks. In the meantime, click HERE to take this pretty cool Fragrance Finder Personality Quiz over at MensHealth.com. My result was Spicy Exotic, how about you?

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