When Indulgence Delivers

In Manhattan, where stress flows as effortlessly as its energy, spas like Rose Alcido’s Beauty are welcome retreats for the weary and worn. Upon one’s arrival to her cozy 11th floor suite, Rose, a motherly woman with an inviting smile, greets visitors with a clipboard of health-related questions. It is the first sign that, pampering aside, tangible results will be had. Soon after, guests are led to a room partitioned off by a Japanese silkscreen door. Rather than commencing with the ritualistic slathering and removal of different creams and cleansers that typifies most facials, Rose deviates from the pre-packaged formula and tailors a unique session specific to her clients’ specific needs.

From oxygen wraps and paraffin melts to lymphatic drainage and the spa’s exclusive “lift drain” technique, Rose and her staff create customized experiences by linking unrelated treatments and techniques to achieve noticeable, long-lasting results. Highlights of my own visit include a relaxing cranial massage that melds the influences of acupressure, Indian echampissage and Japanese ko-bi-do, and a lymphatic drainage that helps remove toxins and prevent a build up of fluid in the deeper layers of the skin.

Before each treatment, Rose conscientiously questions her clients about allergies or aversions to certain ingredients and manages to weave an enjoyable experience that flies by all too quickly. Even when it comes time for extractions, the part of a facial that I’ve come to dread, Rose’s tender touch allays my reservations as she deftly wields cotton buds to gently nudge out impurities and remove built up dirt and grime. A lavender-scented towel that Rose places over my eyes further puts my mind at ease. It is these gentle, personalized touches that have earned Inspiration a strong and vocal following.

As a complement to its facial treatments, Inspiration also offers excellent massage services as well. Instead of performing a standard Shiatsu or Swedish massage, Elena Alikina, the spa’s massage specialist, embraces a holistic approach to treating the body and calls upon Eastern philosophy to tap into her client’s personal energies. She deftly manages to spot muscle aches, frees energy blocks along the body’s 12 meridians, and also performs a gentle internal organ massage – all in all an unusual but highly effective approach by someone who replenishes her own energy during annual retreats with a venerable yoga master. Clearly, Elena lives what she preaches. After a full 70-minute session, it is hard not to feel relaxed and sing praises of this kind of experience that activates one’s inner healing powers.

Whether you’re looking for a quick tune-up or a dramatic age-reducing treatment, Rose and her skilled staff offer excellent service with a solid commitment to obtaining results. Her lift-drain technique in particular is getting considerable attention for its plastic surgery-type results without the risks or pain of an invasive surgical procedure. A combination of faradic, galvanic and microcurrent technologies, the treatment also incorporates the acupressure, Indian echampissage, and Japanese ko-bi-do techniques that were incorporated in the cranial massage I received.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Rose at 212-243-0432.

Rose Alcido Beauty
1133 Broadway
Suite 1005 (between 25th and 26th streets)
New York, NY 10010

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