Winter’s Top Accessory For Men

Winter scarves are one of my favorite accessories. They are functional – who wants to go around all winger with a cold neck? And they are offer accessorization without feminization. Winter scarves can actually be worn a few different ways. Here I’ve put together a list of some of the best looking scarves this year, as well as a couple of tips on how to wear them:


Begg Scotland has some great options when it comes to plaids. The line, all made in Scotland, is composed of both wool and cashmere scarves and is sure to have a pattern that you’ll like.

I prefer this scarf worn shorter, so double it and wrap around your neck, take the fringed ends and pull them through the opening created by the fold. Put your jacket on over. Shown here in cashmere. Available at


Ben Adler has a great eye for guy-color. Guy-color, FYI, is color that isn’t out of control. Ben has a line of striped felted lamswool scarves that I think works great with more casual winter outerwear. The scarves tend to be long, so to avoid looking like the Charlie Browniest of Charlie Browns, make sure that once you’ve wrapped it, you finish with a loose tie -one around – to secure the scarf. If you’re tempted to grab a pair of scissors and snip off the fringe on this one…Adler has several fringe-free options as well. Available at


Dolce & Gabbana get it right with their clean and classic approach to winter accessories. This grey ribbed scarf works well with your winter coat and for those in-between days when you’re in a sweater and just need your neck covered. The no-frills approach to scarf-wearing is at it’s best with only a slight ribbed texture and a solid color.

I like this scarf worn as shown, though perfecting the ‘just threw it on and it looks this great’ slightly off-center knot may take a bit of practice. Available at

If you are afraid of or avoid wearing color then scarves are your best bet for incorporating some color or personality into your wardrobe without making a major commitment. Since they’re pretty much a winter necessity in most parts of the country, put some thought into what you wear and how you wear it, and you may find that your winter scarves may become your favorite accessory, too.

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