Winter Hibernation Essentials

When the cold winds come whipping, the urge to huddle inside with loved ones and provisions is irresistible. Here’s a quartet to make it all cozier.

The 60 Hour Candle is a boon for obvious reasons when the lights dim or when there’s yet another blackout in NYC. Crafted with 100% beeswax, a candle clip feeds the beeswax in increments with this inventive design. All natural and fragrance-free, you’ll breathe easier in its warm glow. Find it and other delights at Uncommon Goods:

Books are best savored from an armchair with a roaring fire nearby (from a fireplace, not your curtains), and The Lonely Planet Food Lover’s Guide To The World will surely make you salivate. This culinary journey will inspire many a unique dish at home – perhaps just in time for Valentine’s Day. You’ll sample the best the world has to offer with more than 50 recipes and glean etiquette tips as well. Find this at and Barnes & Noble stores.

The Guggenheim Museum has exquisite items for the home, including throw blankets, pillows, statues, prints, art books, mobiles and lamps. We’re partial to the Guggenheim sketchbooks and pencils for whiling away the time during winter blizzards. Browse the selection at

We can’t possibly know everything, but with The Complete Idiot’s Guide selections, we can at least brush up on some basics while in hibernation mode. Whether your weak spot is advanced math or WordPress, gardening or shooting and editing video, breaking an addiction or understanding philosophy, there’s likely an Idiot’s Guide to shepherd you into the light of deeper knowledge. Go to, and click on all of the topics that leave you thoroughly befuddled.

Books, your candle, and your sketchbook: winter is good. All you need is a heart-warming libation and some company.

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