Winter Style Guide For Guys


It’s that time of the year. The air is getting crisp, people are bundling up and it’s getting dark before you know it. Yup, that means Winter is here!

Ok, maybe not everyone in the City loves Winter, some may see it as a frigid sloppy mess of a season where you have to do everything you can to avoid the lake of slush on every corner. But, regardless how you feel you’re still going to need to bundle up and you’re going to want to look good doing it.

Here are some practical fashion tips for you guys this winter:

Protect your feet:

Nothing is worse than unexpectedly stepping into a pile of slush and having to trudge around with wet and cold feet for the rest of the day. Custom made, riding inspired Jodphur from Der Dau will both keep you dry as well as make a statement about your personlized look. Der Dau can be found right here in New York at 1885 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

Bundle up:

Stay warm, and look good doing it in a military inspired coat from Parka Coats. Handmade to keep you warm, these coats have recently become quite popular in Europe, where they do know a thing or two about staying warm.

Don’t forget your legs:

Make sure you’re also keeping your legs warm, they often go overlooked this time of year. When asked what stands out this season John Carrol of Carrol and Co. said “Jeans in different fabrications. Corduroy, heavy cotton twills and wool checks have all been popular in our five pocket models.” And we certainly agree!

Dress in layers:

Simply put…STAY WARM! Make sure to be layered up. One of the best ways to layer up is a nice looking, comfortable base. Eco Thermals from GGO are just the trick. Incredibly comfortable to wear and made out of 95% bamboo they are eco friendly well! Available online at: Digging out or car or going into the office, you’ll be glad you’re layered!

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