Wintery Fashions & Outdoor Accessories – Show Old Man Winter Who’s Boss

Usually synonymous with summer, the outdoors are not ripe for adventure exclusively from June through September. In the New York Metro region alone there are countless resorts designed to bolster your wintery getaway. The mountains are calling, so be ready and well equipped to answer with our selection of outdoor fashion & accessories, the winter version.

C9 by Champion®’s Silk weight Thermal Crewneck & Power Core Compression Tights, Kentwool 19th Hole Collection

There are a handful of basic principles to follow when braving the cold. First and foremost, cotton kills! Your first layer should never be made of cotton, as cotton is designed to breathe – making it the perfect material for summer. You don’t have to be Bode Miller to know that in the winter you need to retain heat. These base layer pieces from C9 by Champion® are just the thing. They are made of 100% polyester, a solid material for retaining body heat, and they are pretty versatile. Wear them while you ski/snowboard, hike, or even wear them to sleep.

For your feet, there is nothing better than Kentwool Socks. The 19th Hole Collection, featured here, is crafted from super fine merino wool and designed for both fashion and performance. The light weight has a super luxurious feel and it remains insulated during the winter. Most importantly, these will keep you warm even if they should get wet, which cannot be said for cotton socks.

C9 by Champion® products can be purchased at Target stores and at Kentwool socks can be purchased at Deepdale Golf Club, other major golf retailers or at

BULA Engage Poly SPF Prin, C9 by Champion® Easy Touch Running Gloves

Keep your face and neck protected from both the rays of the sun and the bite of the wind with this BULA Engage Poly SPF Prin. A neck gaiter that is made of 100% polyester, this garment also provides SPF 50 + protection. For your hands, C9 by Champion® has also created the ultimate wintery smart phone accessory: Easy Touch Gloves! Peruse through your smart phone with ease, and don’t fumble to get your gloves off before you miss a call!

You can pick up the BULA Engage Poly SPF Prin at The C9 by Champion® Easy Touch Running Gloves can be purchased at Target and at

Zippo Hand Warmer, Shred Optics Stupefy Goggles

No matter how cold it is outside, Zippo has made it possible to store a little extra heat on your person. Having tried this hand warmer, now I will never leave home on a cold day without it! It is the size of your palm, and it’s as smooth as it is thin – making it easy to store in interior pockets while dashing through the snow. Mostly if not entirely odorless, it provides continuous heat for twelve hours. Considering its size, it packs more heat than Phoenix, Arizona.

From atop a mountain summit, or on your descent down a ski slope, take in the sights with the Shred Stupefy Goggle by Shred Optics and keep the wind out of your eyes. These extra wide, spherical view goggles boast Shred’s NODISTORTION technology, resulting in a crisp, uninhibited field of view. To diversify the design, the Stupefy model is available in a vast selection of distinctive lens and strap colors. No matter your color palette, you’ll still have 100% UVA/UBV/UVC protection.

You can purchase Zippo products at Remington Retail or Pick up the Shred Stupefy Goggle at Windham Mountain Sports Shop, Steiners Sports or visit

Rowallan of Scotland Fraser Flask

Adding extra heat to the mountains’ frigid altitudes just got easier and more convenient with Rowallan of Scotland’s Fraser Flask. It is wrapped in black oak-bonded leather and has a hinged captive top – sleek and stylish. A shot or two of whiskey in the wind chill provides reprieve the old fashioned way.
This can be purchased at Zitomer’s in Manhattan or visit

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