ZIRH @ The Big B: Men’s skincare journey to Bloomingdale’s


I remember the first time that I heard about the men’s skincare product line ZIRH. I was living in California and my friend, Kendra, was visiting from Latin America. She needed to buy souvenirs for co-workers, and one friend in particular requested ZIRH. When she asked about where to buy ZIRH she looked at me as if she was sharing some insider information and I should be in the know. I had no clue what she was talking about.

We went shopping and visited several malls and shops to purchase these elusive grooming products to no avail. Kendra even called her friend to confirm the brand name and we learned that he purchased them while on a trip to New York City — apparently my own move from east coast to west coast preceded the infamous and popular ZIRH’s cross country journey.

Some time later – circa 2005 – while I was attending a tradeshow in Florida, a charming and gregarious woman representing ZIRH approached me with samples. She was so engaging with her amazing sales prowess that I opened the coffers and ended up boarding my plane back to California with a year’s supply of ZIRH grooming goods.

Fast forward to today. I’m back living in NYC, and times have changed: men take care of their skin. Even professional athletes have discovered the value of skincare…and marketing. Most importantly, Zirh has become super popular and a necessity.

Drew Breeze and Jose Bautista

Here’s the latest news. Starting this fall, ZIRH will be expanding nation-wide via the big B itself – Bloomingdale’s. The department stores will carry all of their skincare and grooming products, now trusted and used by men around the globe; namely, athletes like Drew Breeze and Jose Bautista.

Guys, and girls who shop for guys, I recommend the following:

Shave Cream – Heavy Beard
Infused with aloe, rosemary extracts and eucalyptus oils, this cream is designed to make shaving a thick or coarse beard easier. It works well, albeit differently than similar products – this cream does not lather up like most shaving creams.

• Shave Gel – Ultra
For men who prefer to shave with a gel instead of cream, this product contains jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil and aloe. It makes the shaving experience ultra smooth while the gel hydrates the skin with anti-aging components.

Clean – Alpha-hydroxy Face Wash
Removes dirt and excess oil from the face and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. You’ll feel an invigorating coolness from the menthol.

Scrub – Aloe Exfoliator
It’s good to use this product once a week for a deeper clean. The tiny grains remove dirt, oil, toxins and dead skin. Your face will feel invigorated and look refreshed.

An anti-aging cream that you can use at night. The licorice derivatives and earth minerals help reduce visible signs of fatigue like fine lines and uneven skin tone.

This is my favorite new product from Zirh. The serum goes on quickly and you can see the difference in your skin instantly — smoother, vibrant and healthy.
I have one final newsworthy recollection from back in the day.
A friend of mine from Spain was visiting and her boyfriend asked her to go to Bloomingdale’s and purchase skincare products for men. She confided in me that he wanted the grooming supplies but was too intimidated and embarrassed to go and make the purchase himself — that terrible, outmoded stigma surrounding “masculine behavior.” I hope we’ve collectively grown past those days but I suspect there are still men with hesitations. ZIRH is a great place for skincare beginning to get their start.
You can also purchase ZIRH products online: http://www.bloomingdales.com and http://www.zirh.com.


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