2012: The Year of More Sleep


Every January, I vow to get more sleep, but by January 3rd, I’m back to my old ways of going to sleep way too late and waking up way too early. I’m well aware of the old maxim – sleep when your kids sleep. But that’s nearly impossible when there’s so much quality reality television to watch and 100 new Facebook status updates to check each hour. Fortunately, here are a few products to help your little ones get as many Zs as possible so you can enjoy some more for yourself.

Zazoo Kids Photo Clock

This fantastic Photo Clock by Zazoo Kids has been beyond helpful in getting my 3-year-old early riser to sleep a little later in the morning. The digital screen displaying the daytime photo on the clock tells kids when it’s time to get up for school, while the starry night image shows that it’s still sleepy time. My son is so proud of himself for knowing how to “tell time” with his Zazoo clock. There’s even a naptime setting! What’s more, the ZAZOO Photo Clock can be personalized with your own family photos, and it even plays music, audio books and videos. This all-in-one alarm clock will grow with your child and give the whole family some much-needed rest. http://www.zazookids.com

My NapPak

With their very own My NapPak, your child will actually look forward to nap time. Forget those uncomfortable, drooled-on mats at daycare. My NapPak makes naptime safe and comforting. And with a wide variety of creative designs to choose from (and monogram), the NapPak is definitely preschool ‘cool.’ From Under The Sea to Cowboys & Indians, your child’s dreams are sure to be sweet. This all-in-one, award-winning product is not surprisingly, mom-designed. It is durable enough to handle weekly washings and is perfect for day-care, traveling and sleeping over at grandma’s. http://www.mynappak.com


Don’t stress about unsafe crib blankets, 3:00am diaper changes, sleeping-baby-transfers or crazy heating bills. The gunapod has made all of those issues disappear. Made with the yummiest, coziest blanket fabric to keep your baby warm, this award-winning sleep sack features a simple-yet-ingenious layout of zippers and snaps easily adjustable into a multitude of configurations. The ultimate in wearable blankets, the gunapod offers a roomier fit and opens completely from underarm to underarm to allow for simple diaper changing. Leave the bottom open for free movement of feet or unzip in various combinations for temperature ventilation. Thanks to the three experienced mamas who created the gunapod, life just got a lot easier, not to mention cozier. gunapod is available in Manhattan at Albee Baby, Lesters, Torley Kids and at http://www.gunamuna.com.

Here’s to a happy and restful 2012!

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