A Natural Quartet for Baby


Now more than ever, it’s important to consider what goes on your baby’s skin, whether it’s the clothes baby wears or the creams and washes slathered on daily. Here is a trio of trusted products that place integrity, quality ingredients and caring above all else – which means baby benefits and parents can feel relieved.


Organic baby clothes are the bellweather of the future, and Happy Green Bee is leading the way. The creator of Burt’s Bees, Roxanne Quimby, presents this 100% eco-friendly clothing line that offers baby kimonos, hats, cloth dolls, and coordinated pieces made with organic cotton. The Happy Bee line includes dresses, leggings, tees, hats, onsies and skirts in garden solids and bee-stripes. This gratifying clothing is comfortable, playful and ecologically responsible, and sizes range from small (15 -20 lbs) to large (25 lbs +). No pesticides or herbicides are used on organic cotton. Check out this cheerful line at www.happygreenbee.com, and support the effort to go green and be healthy. Don’t panic, it’s organic!


The lauded Fruits & Passion line introduces the newest member of its superb roster: Bebe, a natural body care line for babies. Ultra-gentle and comprised of certified organic ingredients, the Bebe line was crafted for daily use. Sturdy, squeezable bottle and pumps in pleasing colors render taking care of baby much easier, and the citrus-powder notes envelope mom and baby in a cloud of soft scent. Organic mallow, apricot and orange blossom are included in Ultra Gentle Cleansing Foam, Moisturizing Cream, and Body and Hair Wash. Colloidal oats, organic sunflower and apricot oils grace the Oatmeal Bath Milk. Bebe products do not contain alcohol, parabens, colorants, sulphates, mineral oil or silicones. Parents who want the very best for baby will love this line! Visit www.fruits-passion.com.


A pair of engaging doctor-moms have debuted Baby Silk, a new line of skin care products created specifically for baby’s delicate skin. Big-hearted pediatricians Dr. Diane Truong and Dr. JJ Levenstein were inspired by the needs of their patients, and their own babies as well, to create this loving line. Vitamins E and B5 provide antioxidant protection, relive dryness, protect skin and promote healing. This hypoallergenic, clinically-tested line includes gift sets, a travel set, sunscreen towelettes, diaper rash cream, silky liquid powder, exfoliating cleanser, moisturizing balm, hair and body wash, fragrance, and belly button swabs. With adorable graphics and gentle and effective products, the Baby Silk line is destined to be appreciated for generations. No waxes, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum or harmful chemicals are used in Baby Silk products. Find them at www.mdmoms.com.


Max Green Alchemy Ltd. products are noted for their pure and enriching ingredients, and this staunchly-green line has recently introduced a Skin Rescue Shower Gelee with 18 botanicals and soothing moisturizers. No synthetics, no petrochemicals, no parabens and GMO-free products mean that pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies, toddlers and, in fact, the entire family – including grandpa–can use this line’s products without worry. The Shower Gelee smells so wonderful that you’ll douse yourself in it from head to toe – which is encouraged, it’s chemical-free! See the complete line at www.MaxGreenAlchemy.com.

Swaddled baby in organic clothing, and clean and pamper her or him with the kindest, most-caring products possible, because what goes around comes around. Someday your child may swaddle you in organic blankets and offer you organic tea.

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