A Winter Wonderland of Boy Things


Sugar and spice and everything nice are dandy, but boys want a little something extra: action, bells, whistles, items to put together, and to take apart. They also appreciate a good book, and a great game. Here are some recommended toys and books that will please the young men in your life.

The boy offerings at The Children’s Place are exceptional for cold weather clothing, holiday attire and casual comfortable. Find smart blazers, cute snow jackets, boots, hats, holiday shirts, pajamas, denim jeans and more at http://www.TheChildrensPlace.com. This site offers one of the best children’s clothing deals of the season.

Potato Chip Science by Allen Kurzweil at first appears to be a big bag o’ chips, but upon closer examination, it’s a book and kit chock full of science fun that requires potatoes and potato chips to complete the experiments. What could be better than rendering science fun for budding minds? Check it out on You Tube and at http://www.Workman.com. Kids will learn about aerodynamics, forensics, energy conservation, Boyle’s Law and Bernoulli’s Principle (parents, you may want to refresh your memory too).

Author Tomi Ungerer, who penned The Three Robbers and Moon Man, also wrote a poignant book about his own experiences growing up during World War 2, and its aftermath titled Otto: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear. With gorgeous illustrations and a poignant story, this book will be a classic favorite for many years to come, and will serve as a type of cautionary tale for young minds to ponder. Find it at Barnes and Noble stores, the Phaidon store in Soho at 83 Wooster Street, or online at http://www.Phaidon.com.

Elizabeth Carpenter’s Mummy Mazes will keep your son mesmerized for hours while he wends his way through 28 poster-size mazes that are expertly drawn and rendered. This Dr.Toy award-winning book has garnered numerous stamps of approval from media and parents alike. Find it at http://www.Workman.com.

Joshua Jay’s Amazing Book of Cards features tricks, shuffles, stunts, and hustles to transform your guy into a showman (or pint-sized card hustler for candy money). Kids love tricks, and they love watching them as much as performing them; check out what Joshua Jay has up his sleeve on You Tube, and find this book at http://www.Workman.com. He can teach you how to memorize a deck of cards in less than ten seconds!

Fledgling photographers can snap away with the LeapFrog Digital Camera, which was designed for little hands and includes photo-editing software. Easy to use and durable, this can be found at http://www.Sakar.com – which also features other high-tech products for the home, for children and adults alike.

This enchanting book, The Green-Eyed Mouse and the Blue-Eyed Mouse by Bob Gill, teaches children to face their fears, and literally illustrates that they’re usually blown far out of proportion. Hand drawn with ink on paper and featuring a real die-cut hole, this book has a timeless, vintage feel, which is as endearing as its message. Find it at the Phaidon store in Soho or online at http://www.Phaidon.com.

The Berenstain Bears book The Joy of Giving is an ideal way to impart the true spirit and message of the holidays to your little ones: that it’s more rewarding to give than to receive. This is a great book to read before bedtime when the gift lists grow longer by the day. Find Berenstain Bears books at Barnes and Noble stores.

Happy Holidays from the Metro Mama section!

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