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Most women know the many benefits of exercising while pregnant; I certainly do at seven months and counting. However, the thought of figuring out what to wear to support me and my belly while looking and feeling confident in the gym was overwhelming, until I came across Me2Roo.

The Me2Roo collection is a comfortable and stylish line of maternity active wear created by Maggie Zembruski. Her unique concept of color therapy combined with fashionable silhouettes will get every mama-to-be motivated to work out. I recently wore the Me2Roo “Charlotte” pleated t-back top to a prenatal yoga class. The feminine details and thoughtful color combo added much needed glam to my work out routine. The draw cord detail allowed for a perfect fit while in every yoga pose.

I recently had the opportunity to learn more about Me2Roo from Zembruski herself. Here is what she had to say:

BN: What motivated or inspired you to combine your love for fashion, fitness, and motherhood?
MZ: Born with a passion for fashion, I have made a career working in an industry where no stiletto is too high. Since the announcement of my son followed by my daughter in less than sixteen months time, I have been committed to forever changing the fashion world for moms. During my transformation, I soon learned that my fashion forward frocks were making their way further back into my closet…leggings emerged as my little black dress. I kicked off the stilettos, shrinking – yet growing in many other ways. It was happening right before my eyes – slowly I was sneaking into my husband’s t-shirt drawer in hopes of scoring something appropriate to wear to the gym that would serve to cover my belly without advertising a college pub crawl or professional sports team. As I climbed, clamored, stepped and spun for countless hours surrounded by my dainty friends who looked incredibly stylish as they huffed and puffed — my “ah-ha” moment swallowed me like a mothers intuition and Me2Roo was born.

BN: What process do you use to come up with new pieces/garments for your collection?
MZ: I take notice of what’s happening in fashion and fitness around me. I am always looking to fix things. Translating a runway wrap or modifying a bathing suit from a beach getaway, I am constantly finding inspiration.

BN: Why and how did you decide to infuse “color therapy” into your clothing?
MZ: Colors have long been recognized for their healing, inspiring and restorative powers. Me2Roo’s color combinations can help invigorate or calm the roller coaster emotions associated with pregnancy.

BN: What do you hope women get out of wearing your designs?
MZ: Inspiration to exercise while feeling positive about themselves and the changes their bodies experience before, during and after pregnancy.

BN: What is your favorite item in your collection and why?
MZ: I love the Piper legging. The performance fabric makes it ideal for working out but the design details make it the perfect everyday pregnancy wardrobe staple.

BN: How do you manage your business and being a mom of two?
MZ: Quite frankly, I’m not sure. A lot of intensity, patience and accepting help. Me2Roo has, on most days, become my third child and when I’m working, I’m focusing on that world. When I’m with my children, my focus is on them.

BN: What makes your maternity active wear different than other similar clothing lines?
MZ: There are no similar maternity lifestyle brands inspired by fashion. Much of that is what influenced the birth of Me2Roo. If there were a comparable line, I would have purchased it while I was pregnant and I would not be here now designing my third collection.

BN: If you could give one tip or piece of advice to pregnant women what would you give?
MZ: Don’t lose sense of your style.

To view the Me2Roo collection and for retail locations visit

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