After Earth Day

After Earth Day, keep the ball rolling and the journey going by having green thinking remain a priority in your family’s life. Here are some novel girl products that won’t trash our environment and community – again illustrating how green thinking is the new value kit for this generation of girls.

Every girl needs her first tea set but you ‘d better forgo the plastic tea set of your own childhood, lest your daughter labels you a planet abuser. This charming green Tea Set by Green Toys is the ideal tea set for the little green organic girl who is growing in your house. Made out of recycled plastic, each pound of recycled plastic used to make Green Toys saves enough energy to run a laptop computer for a month and it is really cute with vintage colours and a retro design!

Journal Unlimited- A different kind of diary.

Writing every day starts the inner journey of self discovery but a journal can be so intimidating with all those blank pages begging to be filled. This is what makes the Journals Unlimited so unusual. A unique fill in the blank format with specific cues at the beginning of each paragraph is provided to help the stuck writer get the writing juices flowing. The fact that all the paper is recycled and that the ink is soy-based is another reason why we love this new journal. (7.5″ x 9″) 200 pages, $19.95

Printed in the USA.

Regreet – Get more mileage out of your greeting cards. In case you have not picked up the vibe yet, almost nothing should really go into your trash anymore. The idea behind Regreet Cards is to change the disposable status of greeting cards. By applying new labels to cover the words of an old card you can resend it. No one will think you are cheap, they will think you are cool and on the boat to novel green thinking! By including a kit of 4 labels with the re-greeted card your friends can pick up on the recycling journey with you. Each kit contains a Journey code that allows you to track on – line the journey of the cards you pass along. You save on paper, money and start a friendship chain, three yeahs! Also available at Regreet is a card organizer to keep the cards you receive and keep track of important dates so you can “re-greet” them.

Rain Tees has a beautiful line of T-shirts painted by the children living in the endangered rain forets across Central and South America. Tropical rainforests are tragically disappearing at the rate of hundreds of acre each day yet their survival is essential to control weather patterns and provide more than 20% of our earth’s oxygen. The T-shirts tell the stories of the children of the Rain Forest to children of the world. For every T-shirt sold, a child in Costa Rica plants a new tree. Get your daughter involved in a meaningful project with children of the Rain Forest that may save her secret garden, the planet.

Caring for the world and others is a nice alternative to the contemporary culture of “Me, Me, Me”, “I am special”, “I am entitled” and can save your kids from that unbearable by product of our times. Inspired by the real experience of a mom ‘s third battle with cancer, these shirts are the fruit of a resolve to live and affirm life. Karma acronyms are available such as Kindness, Respect, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Abundance for one series. Peace, Praise, Engage, Accept, Care, Evolve for another, and Breathe, Believe, Relieve, Expand, Align, Trust, Heal, Exhale for the last. Discourage your daughter from using her body as an advertizing board for commercial brands (no names mentioned) and have her wear today’s meaningful values. Each shirt is hand embellished with Swarovski crystals, is babysoft and fits snuggly. Great for Tweens or Teens on a mission to change the world.

Have you heard yet how toxic nail polish is? Unless chemical ingestion is your thing, make sure you never take your daughter to a nail salon again unless they use organic nail polish. You can also do it yourself at home with Piggy Paint, natural as mud, odorless, non-toxic, nail polish made in the USA by a group of moms. Piggy Paint Polish Remover is also available at

Made out of vegetable – based inks and adhesive, compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Standards for kids products bINK’d Temporary Tattoos earrings are the alternative to getting ears pierced. Just add water and use the same technique that you use for regular peel-off tattoos and enjoy a different design every week. Choose between Panda, Strawberry, Monkey Face, Lightening Bolt, Skull, LadyBug and start having fun.

Check more info at and

With all of these new green products, girls of all ages can have fun, be healthy and stay on their Green Mission.

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