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Hi sweet mamas, how are you? To be honest, on this side of the pen, I’ve been feeling a little, well, old. Maybe it’s all the late night, middle-of-the-night, early morning, round-the-clock mommying. Nothing will make you feel your age more quickly than sleep deprivation, and nothing makes you more aware of your mortality than seeing the youthful beauty of your babes. In a way, we mamas achieve immortality through our children, but that doesn’t mean our beauty is past its prime. Sometimes, we just need to recharge it.

There have been several articles and news stories on how greatly fatigue can effect your body and mind. It’s being linked with everything from migraines to obesity. But I decided not to let sleep deprivation cool down this hot mama, so I turned to the folks at Belli for some beautifying rejuvenation.

Belli and Le Feet
To speak of ageless beauty, this mama must start with the feet, “these tired ole dogs.” They don’t refer to feet as dogs without reason. Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo of a sock permanently inked on both my stinkers. My feet look every inch of the hundreds of miles they have tread pushing a double stroller through Times Square. They are mashed and calloused, and pulse with pain in my sleep. That is until I stumbled upon Belli’s Foot Relief Cream with its aroma-therapeutic peppermint and menthol massaging effects ( Let’s chat awhile while we rub a little in. Ahhhh…yes, I feel my sweet petunias returning to life.

Baby Your Belly with Belli
Annette Rubin, owner of the luxury skin care line Belli, knows mamas. The line is physician formulated, allergy tested and safety researched for pregnancy and beyond. Belli’s tagline says it all, “Baby Your Belly.” Mmhhh. You know this mama’s worn out line, “You can’t give what you ain’t gettin.” Thank you, thank you Annette. A little pampering is all this gal needs in order to give heaps and heaps of it to her angels.

Bella Bella Belli
Annette is herself a goddess of mamas. She too has a little Jackson, he is four. When Annette was carrying her little “Jax” (same nickname, can you believe it, I love it!) she began to think about the controversy surrounding hair coloring during pregnancy. This got her thinking about all of the beauty and skin care products a woman uses, and their potential effect on the little guy she was carrying. Annette began to work with her physician husband, Jason and a top specialist, Dr. J. Polifka. From all this hard work and passion came two creations, a mommy friendly career with her beloved son, and a successful skin care line. Belli launched in July, 2002. In 2004, Belli rang in a $1M in sales. Brava, brava Annette.

Before the Baby Arrives
Pre-natal products in the Belli line include Elasticity Belly Oil, Comfort Cleansing Body Wash, and Belli Soothers. I really could have used the Belli Soothers! Belli’s research showed how the taste and smell of lemon and peppermint could ease nausea in a pregnant mama. Gawd! If I’d known about Belli when I was carrying my own lil’ Jax, I would have stocked up on so many tins of those lemon, peppermint drops, Annette could have gone public with stock!

After the Baby Comes
The other wonderful post-natal products in the Belli line include Stretchmark Minimizing Cream and Pure Comfort Nursing Cream. The Stretchmark Cream contains darutoside, a healing plant that is shown to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. The Nursing Cream is a medical grade lanolin balm. Thank god someone came up with an alternative to that awful goop they give you at the hospital that makes oil stains on all your clothing, arghh!

Mama’s Hall of Fame
This coming New Year 2006, I am starting my annual Hall Of Fame product lines. Belli is sure to be an inductee. The line is elegant, soothing and makes my mama-life easier, even glamorous. Annette Rubin, mama of Belli, you are a treat and a friend to your fellow mamas. You have made your own mama-hood a wonderful adventure of entrepreneurial success. I will borrow your own personal mantra for my life; “I wanted never to make apologies to anyone, my son, my employees but most of all, myself.” Amen sister, amen. All right sister-mamas, go quickly to Pea in the Pod or Bath and Bodyworks (Flagship Stores), grab some Belli and make your own life void of excuses. Feel good, feel your yummy-mama soul. My first little mid-life crisis drew up her swollen feet and went running right up a mountain and hang-gliding at the top! The view is magnificent, timeless, immortal. Just like Belli and me.

Take care of you sweet mamas.

Love, Mama

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