Best Graduation Presents for Every Age

From the cutie-patooties leaving preschool and entering Kindergarten to the academics determined to get their PhDs, graduates of all ages will be psyched about getting these unique, practical and totally awesome gifts (many of them happen to be great Father’s Day gifts as well). All the more reason to be excited that ‘school’s out for summer’!

For the Pre-School Graduate: Brackitz

An early start learning science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can make a huge impact on a kid’s entire life. Brackitz is a brand new toy that proudly promotes STEM leaning. This award-winning construction toy helps lay the foundation for high-level cognitive thinking, reasoning and problem solving that kids will continue to benefit from long after childhood. Standard sets include interlocking 4-inch wooden planks, and 90° and 120° angle connectors, which can be pieced together to form a wide variety of models and architectural structures. Brackitz has proudly won Brain Toy from Academics Choice, Toy Man eChoice, STEM Toy Award, and Creative Child Toy of the Year.

For the Kindergartner: Raising Peaceful Kids

Raising Peaceful Kids is a life-long model created by Kathy Walsh, who has over 20 years’ experience in education and gives parents the tools needed to raise children in a mindful and compassionate way. Each chapter is filled with illustrations and simple examples for families to follow. For instance, in “Positive Thinking”, parents can reinforce good behavior by writing notes to their children and putting it in their backpack or on the bathroom mirror. Its little changes like this that could make all the difference. By building good character now, parents can mold the headlines of the future by teaching kids today (and every day) how to value peace. Visit

For the Junior High School Grad: LuMee Phone Case for Selfies with Flash

The LuMee phone case makes the perfect graduation and is a tool that can help take perfect summer selfies. LuMee is a light-up phone case that has LED light strips which wrap around the edges of your phone, making it possible to take the perfect selfie. As photography is all about lighting, the LuMee omits any bad or awkward lighting and enables users to look their absolute best when preparing to post pictures on social media. Also, the LuMee can make a great flashlight when trying to navigate your way through the dark and can serve as a makeup mirror when getting ready to go out.

For the High School Grad: Ventev

With a combination of portable chargers, no-tangle cables, and protective gear for all your devices, Ventev makes it easy for you to stay connected and charged up without the hassle of dragging a ton of products around. I personally love the Chargesync 2-in-1 cable. It moves seamlessly between a micro USB and Apple Lighting connector, so if you own multiple devices, you can charge them both with the one cable. The cable is also flat, which makes it tangle-free. Perfect when trekking through the quad to your next college lecture.

For the College Grad: Shave Tech Rechargeable Electric Razor

We all know men love cool new gadgets, and this is a sleek, stylish, easy-to-charge electric razor that is also affordable and packable – Perfect for the recent grad with his first job out of college. It comes in lustrous black or fresh white—that can be charged anywhere via its built-in USB outlet. This allows him to plug it into any laptop or USB car charger, no matter where his travels take him. No more searching for the right adapter overseas or filling up outlets with endless cords. A single charge will last for 30 minutes, more than enough time for most business trips!! Visit

For the PhD Grad: Hangar Vodka

Hangar 1 Vodka is made from a combination of Viognier grapes and midwestern grain that is distilled in an old WWII aircraft hangar in Alameda, California. Using traditional European eau de vie techniques to extract as much flavor as possible from the ingredients, Hangar 1 is an incredibly smooth and aromatic vodka. The brand’s “Straight” vodka – the original, unflavored version – is perfect on the rocks, neat or in a expertly chilled martini. And with an affordable price tag of $35, Hangar 1 Vodka is a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast. Purchase at Reservebar.

Enjoy many of these gift ideas for a very happy metro father’s day and ConGRADulations to all the metro graduates of 2014!

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