Books of Wonder

With so many options for instant gratification with gadgets, the wonders of reading are often overlooked. Yet the moral issues presented in books help youths become thoughtful adults. So take your children on wonderful journeys into the minds of these imaginative authors.

Bill Zimmerman’s Pocket Doodles For Kids, a “playful guide for doodling, imagining and coloring outside the lines” is a fun book filled with incomplete drawings which challenge your child’s creativity. This is a great alternative to overly stimulating and addictive electronic games as it engages focus, hand-eye coordination and forces your child to find her way in a truly unpredictable environment. You can also check Printables at and get pre-drawn comic strips ready to print and illustrate. Endless fun and creativity guaranteed.

The Fairy Godmother Academy, a new book by Jan Bozarth, published by Random House is about Birdie, a pragmatic 10 year old, who discovers that her eccentric grandmother is a fairy godmother. While staying at her house, she discovers a magical book, which takes her to a place called Aventurine, where wondrous creatures live. She is invited to attend an Academy of Fairy Godmothers, where confronted with a world of magic that contradicts everything she knows about her own, Birdie discovers new, deeper connections to the natural world around her – and learns the value of respect and sharing. The book is matched with an interactive website, where your child can start her own way into Aventurine, meet the characters and through challenge and insight, take her place in a long line of fairy godmothers.

The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau allows your child to explore Ecuador and follow the travels of fifteen-year-old Zeeta and her unconventional mother. While her mother thrives on the new and unexpected, the sacred and the mystical, her daughter longs for the conventional life she sees in American magazines. In the Ecuadoran Andes, she encounters an adopted American boy in search of his birth parents. As she befriends him and helps him find his real parents, Zeeta is introduced to a world of ancient mysticism and to an underground world of danger and crime that brings her to face tough dilemmas and choices. Written with a lot of spirit and an eye for local detail, this coming of age book will surprise the reader as she gets immersed in the characters’ exotic adventures and moral dilemmas;

The Splendor Falls is elegantly written by Rosemary Clement Moore, and this teenage novel is about a successful young ballerina who shuts down emotionally after a leg injury ruins her career and her mother remarries. Sent off to Alabama to live with unknown relatives, she has to learn to start her life anew in a world that at first seems forbidding and cold but then reveals itself as intriguing and fascinating. As she investigates her family’s long line of ancestors, the heroine is exposed to unexplainable physical phenomena. Is the house haunted? Is she seeing ghosts? At the same time, two possible romances with two very different boys, each having a hold on a part of her, add a frisson of suspense to this saga of old world glamour, modern day sensibility and emotional dilemmas;

Your daughter can immerse herself in these fine books in order for her to discover other worlds and ways of being.

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