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Parents of boys know that they’re also full of sugar of spice and everything nice, with a dash of vigor and a sprinkling of magic dust, so reward your charming tyke with one of these items designed to make him smile.

Whether your guy is a cowboy or a mountain climber, Ariat boots can provide his high-quality footwear. These are boots that you’ll save for posterity long after your son has outgrown them since they’ll still be in good shape. Crafted with durable, quality materials, the Ariat brand is a smart investment and will look fantastic to boot. View the selection at

Hammacher Schlemmer is the ultimate online destination for outstanding and unique toys, both classic and new, and the Jedi Mind Control Game is a perfect example. Your guy can harness his latent telekinetic powers to levitate a ball, and aspire to achieve fifteen levels of training. And Hammacher’s beloved Marshmallow Shooter rifle will never go out of style. In fact, parents will be tempted to grab it and lob marshmallows from time to time. You’ll love perusing the wares at

The well-crafted WowWee Alive animals at will mesmerize your child with their lifelike movement and interactive features. Plush and huggable, your child will love playing with, cuddling and collecting them. Animals in the collection include a Lion Cub, Seal Pup, White Tiger Cub, Husky Puppy, Koala Joey, Leopard Cub and Tiger Cub. Choose your favorites and give them a home.

Jakks Pacific offers eye-popping toys for boys: the EyeClops Bionic Eye that plugs into a TV to zoom in on everyday objects, EyeClops Night Vision goggles that offer visibility within 50 feet in the dark, the portable EyeClops BioniCam with 100x, 200x or 400x magnification for roving around, the motocross sports toy Pro Stunt Rippers with MXS bikes, and the G.X. Racers with swoop-action curved track set. Jakks offers a treasure trove of cool toys for kids of all ages; find them at, and

Putumayo Kids offers an array of ear-pleasing collection from the far reaches of the world, including A Family Christmas, A Jazz & Blues Christmas and a New Orleans Christmas, all of which will be appreciated long after December and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. European Playground and Picnic Playground are fantastic too. Find them all at

Building a Williams-Sonoma Gingerbread House is a treat that can be savored all winter long with hot chocolate on a chilly, snow-filled day — and the No-Bake Winter Wonderland Gingerbread House Kit renders the process easy. All that’s required is imagination, creativity and some gumdrops for those final flourishes. Order at

Kids of all ages love and undoubtedly need a bubble bath. Lander has been providing fun in the tub with its Bubble Bath offerings since 1920, so it’s clearly doing something right. Tempt your darling with strawberry, berry or watermelon scents, throw in some bath toys, and watch as dirt and germs magically disappear. Check out Lander’s other offerings at

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