Bulging with Beauty – Prenatal Beauty, Health, Fitness – Part II


Hi Mamas! How are you? Good? Some tired? I know, I know. Sit awhile, put your feet up. We just got back from a vacation in Florida – did you know that vacation and mom is an oxymoron? Whew….it’s good to be home. Jax had a blast – and my tired feet have football field yards of home video of swinging laughter, sand-eating grins, ice cream dripping cheeks and water splashing hugs to use as callous balm. But don’t let me forget, I have some more special news. Our CVS test results came back – healthy, healthy new baby on the way. And yes, the gender results are in. What did you think? A girl? A boy? Well, another sweet angel boy is on his way to our home, God willing. Jax can’t stop stomping around celebrating. We are thrilled, elated, and so grateful. And some more good news mamas, I am heading into the second trimester and feeling much better, amen. Now let’s talk pregnant beauty, shall we?

After I crawl out from the dark tunnel of my first trimesters into the light, I like to bulge with beauty. Let’s start with skincare. Did you know that some of the same manufacturers of baby skin care products have some terrific prenatal treats as well. For us city mamas the best place to find these products is a quick visit to your neighborhood Sephora. Sephora has an entire section dedicated to babies and mamas, did you know that? Go check it out. I visited my Times Square location. And yes, in a beauty shop such as Sephora, it can be a little intimidating to march past all the makeup counters of teenagers waddling like a duck. So I didn’t. I pulled my jacket aside and pointed my already big belly out like a compass needle proud and strong, and sailed through like a mighty wind.

Website: http://www.sephora.com


Let’s start with Mustela – “skincare specialist for baby and future mother.” They have an entire line dedicated to pregnant mamas called “Mustela™ 9 months.” Mustela skin care for babies has been around since 1950, and this line launched (thankfully) in 1999. This line of pampering prenatal mamas all contain a combination of Elastoregulator™ – a derivative of Soya protein, chlorophycea (green seaweed extract) and other natural ingredients. The product line focuses on the pregnant mama’s special skin sensitivity and tissue distension during the prenatal months. All of the “Mustela™ 9 months” are clinically tested by gynecologists, vein specialists, or dermatologists; tolerance-tested, alcohol-free, gently scented and safe to use throughout pregnancy and while nursing. The line includes: Stretch Marks Double Action (Pre/Post Stretch Mark), Stretch Marks Intensive (Focused on Post Stretch Marks Minimization), Specific Support Bust (hallelujah this product is for me ladies, breastfeeding took it right out of me!), and Instant Comfort Legs (I brought this to Florida). I’m sure my readers are a lot of mamas, but I’m calling out to the papa bears here! Mustela makes a wonderful gift set “The Maternity 9 Month Set” that features all these products – you want to promote understanding and compassion? Go get this right now for your sweet mama doing all that hard work so you can boast of a genealogy! And don’t forget to volunteer to rub some of these products on some nights – you might even find some sweet, sweet mama purrs in response…….mmmmh you know what I’m talking about papa bears.

Mustela takes care of their mama clients pre-natal and post-partum. Thank God someone is thinking of us after the baby comes along. I swear those first three months are very challenging for us mamas and all you ever hear is “How is that precious little one?” I kept my answers lighthearted, but honest – “Pissed to be out and screaming his head off, but I’m fine thank you.” Heeeee… humor was my best post-partum medicine. Mustela carries a wonderful product line called, “A New Life A New You” that contains both new mama and newborn products. For mamas, Mustela offers a Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel that helps to eliminate excess fatty deposits while stimulating the production of collagen to help improve the appearance of slackened skin. Amen. Since this is my second pregnancy I swear mamas, your old body never returns but your new body can look fantastic. Really. I liked it better. So did John. Oohh, la, la. They also carry Ultimate Hydration, an all-over body lotion that soothes, moisturizes, and nourishes dry or irritated skin. For breastfeeding mamas, you’ll love it. The dehydration you feel is total. You’ll want to drink the Atlantic Ocean through your mouth, eyes, ears, skin. And finally, this set includes a wonderful soap-free solution especially formulated for your newborn.

Website: http://www.mustela.com

Now for Erbaviva. Erbaviva is all about “nurturing with nature.” Erbaviva uses all natural and organic ingredients and promotes a responsible commitment to the environment. We pregnant mamas are especially connected in our emerging belly sisterhood to the big mama of all mamas “Mother Nature” herself. So, Erbaviva is especially fitting during our prenatal months. Erbaviva is also focused in aromatherapy. God knows, there was never a time when my nasal passages were so keenly perturbed and a little loving help there was much appreciated. Did I ever tell you mamas about my pregnancy with Jax when the first person who knew I was pregnant was my Aunt Mo out in California. I walked into her house and said, “Mmmhhh Aunt Mo, you baked some of your yummy chocolate chip cookies for me, you shouldn’t have.” And she responded by looking at me wide-eyed and with loving but firm conviction said, “You’re pregnant!” After all the trouble John and I had been having to get pregnant, I replied with equal, foot stomping conviction, “You’re crazy, why would you say that?” She replied, “I haven’t baked cookies in this house in a week.” Ten days later, and a nauseating distaste for my addiction to Diet Coke, the pregnancy test confirmed Aunt Mo’s homemade prediction.

Among their many wonderful products, Erbaviva has the right idea for pregnant mamas and papas with their Back Rub Oil. The Back Rub Oil contains calming Roman Chamomile. They even advise you that it is “best applied by a partner or friend.” Just what a worried or tired mama-to-be needs at the end of the day. These types of products are wonderful “connectors” for mamas and papas. There are times when after a day of work and an 18-month-old toddler the both of you want to be grumpy, and alone. But I believe strongly that these times are the critical times to connect. Somehow, anyhow. They also carry a Stretch Mark Oil with essential oils including rose and carrot seed. And a Mommy to Be Milk Bath (in sack or jar), containing lavender, lemon, and sandalwood. But remember mamas, not too hot a bath, just warm so we don’t overheat our incubators. Erbaviva also carries a wonderful pregnancy gift set that includes Mommy-to-be Milk Bath, Stretch Mark Oil and Back Rub Oil, all wrapped up in a natural fiber gift bag. You can put that on your list as well papas.

And Erbaviva did not forget about us post-partum either. Erbaviva again comes to the rescue with a calming, soothing oil – Baby Blues Massage Oil. For those weeks after delivery when you need a boost, a lift. This oil contains rose, bergamot and clary sage. Do yourself a favor and go out and get this one while you’re still pregnant. There are very few errands run the first few weeks, and if so, they usually have an item list covering the essentials like diapers. You will need this. You will definitely need this.

Website: http://www.erbaviva.com

Alright mamas, gotta close here. So happy to be out of the dark tunnel days. Perfect timing cause here comes spring. Here comes the sun, do, do, do, do. Here comes the sun, do, do, do, do. It’s alright. It’s alright. Do, do, do, do, do.


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