Children’s Tresses: Cut & Clean


Children have never had so many hair-care options before, and now that hat season is over, it’s time to deploy a few of them. Here are some children’s hair salons and shampoo brands of note to file under “kids love these.”


Snip-Its, one of the fastest growing kids hair salon in the country, introduced a line of all-natural hair products for children to render grooming a little more fun for everyone. The Snip-Its Morning Miracle Mousse cures bed-head in a matter of seconds, which is crucial when you have ten minutes to dash off to school. It’s ideal for traveling, and kids love its texture. When warm weather heralds pool season, the Snip-Its Swimmer’s Solution Clarifying Shampoo removes chlorine (which doesn’t always wash out with shampoo), leaving a child’s soft hair clean and shiny. Products are available at or in Snip-Its salons. For a guide to salon locations in the NYC area, visit


Cozy Friedman’s fun and whimsical Cozy’s Cuts for Kids hair salons in New York City are also toy stores, which render the hair-cutting experience far more fun for children. Cozy has been catering to the under-7 crowd since 1994, when the first of her three shops opened in Manhattan. In her salons, children watch videos, have bubbles blown at them, and are generally entertained when getting shorn. They can also throw parties there as well. Cozy (yes, her real name) has recently branched out into children’s hair care with her effective, natural So Cozy line. The So Cozy Pre-Detangling Treatment helps little ones get a comb through tangled tresses, wind- or sand-blasted hair, and even hair festooned with peanut butter. Find the nearest salon to you by visiting, and invest in Cozy’s effective, natural hair care line.


California Baby’s Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash is extremely gentle — and now that spring is here, the fact that it is also fragrance-free is a boon for those who suffer from allergies. Adults and children will benefit from this chemical-free, trustworthy brand that boasts no harmful additives, so consider making it your family shampoo for a healthier future. Available at Target and Whole Food stores.

You’ll eventually have to cut your children’s hair, and you absolutely have to clean it, so why not make the experience as memorable and healthy as possible?

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