Comfort and Joy in the New Year


The best resolution for any New Year is to take care of oneself, and this is especially important for new moms. Metro moms experiencing post-holiday stress or mid-winter ennui should make a resolution to set aside time for them; time to recharge and relax. Here’s a roundup of products that are sure to bring comfort and joy into your year:


The Hoopnotic Travel Hoop is a fun and easy way to melt off remaining baby pounds at home or on the go. The hoop breaks down into six portable sections and comes with an intro to hoop-dance DVD. It was featured in a Good Morning America segment, as well as Vogue and InStyle magazines – and will put a new twist in your exercise routine. Available at


If you want one website that can provide a diverse range of amazingly comfortable and natural products to suit your green lifestyle, check out At, you’ll find stylish, warm and gorgeous organic wool sweaters such as the thigh-length Organic Wool Cozy Cardigan made from 100% certified organic wool, and soft, organic cotton yoga gear for year-round comfort. You’ll also find natural soaps and shampoos for children, the recyclable Pangea Organic Bath Set with lavender and lemongrass, and solid Beeswax Lotion Bars handmade in the Rocky Mountains for parched hands and skin. You can order flannel sheets too, and so much more. Visit this unique site and see what makes you happy to be green.

Dream Aid pillow covers are each designed with a wish for the person who receives it or who slumbers upon it. Specifically created to help people tap into blissful dream states, these pillow cases will inspire relaxation and sweet dreams. Choose from more than 34 inspirational messages at; 5% of the profits go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation.


The PrAna Yoga Rug performs double duty as a yoga mat as well as a beautiful rug, depending on your mood and need – and it’s well-crafted for durability, yet soft to the touch PrAna offers a full range of yoga apparel and accessories. With deep roots in the yoga and rock climbing realm, the PrAna line is crafted for performance and an active lifestyle both during and after pregnancy. In addition to mens and womens clothing, PrAna offers meditation products, yoga and climbing gear (which may come in handy if you live in a walk-up). Yoga mats, duffel bags, jewelry, scarves – all at for your perusal.

Refresh yourself from the inside out with Body Mint Tablets, since there’s no such thing as being too…fresh. Taken orally, these mint tablets are the first all-body freshener. Popping this little green tablet in the morning and evening reduces perspiration and breath odors before they start. Body Mint’s manufacturing process uses a highly-specialized, all natural and water-soluble derivitive of chlorophyll. Find this at

Treat your feet to new flexibility and better circulation in 2008 with Yoga Toes. The ultimate freedom after pointy shoes that scrunch up your toes, or for a pregnant mom’s tired feet, these soft “bridges” for spreading out your toes will leave your tootsies feeling and looking fantastic. Available at, or call 1-877-964-2776. A great invention!

Eschew unwanted chemicals and plastics with the Moon Cup, a tampon alternative made from medical-grade silicone designed to “catch” instead of absorb. Worn internally, it’s a safer, softer, more durable and more inexpensive alternative to tampons – and it’s better for the environment. The Moon Cup should last for 10 years, and it’s made in the U.S. Considering that women use as many as 16,000 tampons each over the course of a lifetime, 6.5 billion tampons and 13.5 sanitary pads are disposed of in one year’s time. Find the Moon Cup in two sizes at, along with other environmentally-safe menstrual products such as cotton pads, or call 800-799-4523.


Another new smart and organic choice is to opt for Eco Lips chapstick tinted with color from earth minerals. Available in Rose Quartz, Mocha Velvet and Plush Red, these new lip balms don’t contain lead, carmine, gluten, lanolin, petroleum or hydrogenated oils – -which is more than just lip service to the green movement. Healthy metro moms can look glam without the side effects when the temperature drops and chapstick is the first order of the day. Find it at

Stay wise in 2008 with this collection of health-bolstering products. After all, you’re setting a superb example for a future generation to follow.

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