DAR-A-LUZ: Mothers-To-Be Deliver in Style!


Empty overnight bag. Check. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, lip gloss, soap. Check. Comfy pajamas and pretty robe, slippers, and underwear. Check. DAR-A-LUZ? Check this out…

DAR-A-LUZ which means “to give birth” in Spanish, is a fabulous fashionable alternative to the standard issue hospital gown. Designed by Boston based designer, Daniela Corte, when she was pregnant with her first child Natasha, (and worn when she gave birth to both Natasha and Lucas) is truly a statement that giving birth is beautiful.


Daniela Corte, Award Winning Fashion Designer

The inspiration for DAR-A-LUZ came when the award winning fashion designer (Daniela Corte Fashions are regularly featured in Town & Country, Lucky and many national magazines) began packing her overnight bag in her ninth month, (like women with or without child) realized how frustrated she was because: “I have NOTHING I want to wear!” Corte combed her closet looking for cute, comfortable clothes that would make her feel beautiful on the big day.

Coming up empty handed, she decided to drape some fabric over her huge belly. She grabbed one of her softest jersey fabrics and started cutting away. A couple of hours later, Daniela had created the most relaxing yet striking garment she had worn in months.

“As soon as I put it on, I felt serene and beautiful,” she said. “I didn’t want to take it off.” And, so, DAR-A-LUZ was born. “I’m just now introducing the DAR-A-LUZ dress, so Beauty News is previewing it first,” she continued, “We’re sending the DAR-A-LUZ to national magazines, celebrities, TV anchors, women who lunch, and we’re sewing up a storm for the 30% of my own customers who are pregnant.


The DAR-A-LUZ: Front and Back View

The dress is hospital friendly. The front features an empire waist, while the back has four ties so the doctors and nurses can easily access the mother’s back to provide any necessary medication. The dress provides just enough coverage to take a woman through a lengthy labor, but is just fun and flirty enough to actually feel like posing for pictures…after.

When asked if a couture-inspired dress is a little much when screaming in labor, Corte replies “Not at all. It’s a one of the most amazing days of your life. I’m a firm believer that if you look good, you feel confident and you project that everywhere. You’re about to become a mother –don’t you still deserve to look fab?”

If looking good helps to create feel-good endorphins, Daniela Corte may be on to something!

The DAR-A-LUZ is available in three colors: violet, steel blue and berry.

Daniela Corte Fashions
91 Newbury St, 3rd Floor
Boston MA 02116
ph: 617-262-2100

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