Double Duty: Bath Time and Geography Lesson
Introduce Your Child to a Circle of Friends


A shampoo with Natasha from Russia, conditioning treatment with Chehn from China, and finally, a detangling spritz with Abebi from Nigeria. No this is not the newest and hottest star-studded salon in New York City; in fact these treatments are not for you! They’re for your little celebrity at home, your kid! And, they don’t have to go far to get this international treatment, they can get it right in their own bathroom!

Circle of Friends, launched in 2002, is a unique hair and skin care line, which not only pampers the little ladies and gentlemen with all natural ingredients and sensually sweet sents, but these products also aim to educate.

Each bottle is labeled with a different child character from a different part of the world and their “history” is printed on the back of the bottle. Circle of Friends products not only work towards giving your child a fun fruity experience in the bath, but also work to help educate your child on where their new international “friend” is from, the colors of their flag and the history behind their people.

The characters on the bottles are also personalities and cultures your child may be able to relate to. The Ana Banana 2-in-1 Shampoo cleans, conditions, and detangles long curly hair. Perfect for a child in your life who has lots of locks. Formulated with wheat proteins, glycerin and botanical fruit extracts, Ana from Costa Rica may represent to a child of native Cost Rican descent all the qualities that are similar between them.

Personally, I like Maria who says “[i]Adios to Dirt[/i]” via a melon mix bubble bath. Not only did I learn a little Spanish, I also learned that Maria lives in a country known for ancient civilizations of the Aztecs, who built beautiful temple to the many Gods they worshipped. Huh, I think I am ready for Jeopardy now!

Eleanor Keare, a mom and President of Circle of Friends, says, “Circle of Friends is a modern children’s company for the next generation of parents. The natural ingredients in the product combined with fun education and the ever important message of global harmony make it a company I can stand behind and believe in.”

Circle of Friends was founded by and is nurtured by the greatest children experts, MOMS and each product contains only the highest quality of ingredients and never include harsh chemicals and detergents, leaving this line of salon quality beauty care safe for even the most sensitive skinned kids and adults. That’s right, even mommy and daddy can step out of the shower smelling like Root Beer if they use the Home Run Root Beer Shower Gel starring Tommy and Sean from the good ‘ol U.S. of A.

Just because you and your family will smell like an exotic fruit, doesn’t mean you have to spend exotic fruit prices on these hair and body products. Each Circle of Friends shampoo and conditioner retails for $8, bath and shower gels are only $7, and can be found nationwide at Bath & Body Works, ULTA, and online at [url=][/url]

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