Fabulous Baby and Toddler Shoes for Our Future Carrie Bradshaws

It’s hard to say exactly when a girl’s obsession with shoes begins, but with the fabulous styles available now for newborns on up, the womb might be a pretty good guess! Manolo Blahnik may not be in the toddler shoe business (yet) but here are a few of our favorite brands that’ll satisfy even your littlest Carrie Bradshaw.


Every shoe my 10-month-old daughter tried on made her look as though she were walking in outer space. At first, I wasn’t concerned since it’s recommended for kids to learn to walk barefoot. But as the weather got colder and her desire to walk around outdoors grew stronger, I was forced to find the perfect shoes for my early walker’s feet. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single person I asked suggested I get my daughter a pair of Pedipeds.

Their mantra has always been comfort, quality and style, in that order. As one of the first children’s footwear to be awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development, you can rest assured this company truly cares about the health and well being of your child’s growing feet. And with their amazing selection of shoes for ages 0-8, my daughter will be shopping for Pedipeds years after she’s mastered the art of walking in shoes. Visit http://www.pediped.com.

Umi Shoes

“A little love for little feet” might be their slogan but I have a LOT of love for Umi Shoes. Umi has a huge selection of stylish shoes perfectly made for every stage of development from infants to cruisers to full-fledged walkers. My favorite for this Fall are the black Forget-Me-Nots. Spot on feminine accents, hits of fresh color and black patent leather material make these ankle booties perfect for both casual and dressy looks. They’re a sturdy and stylish staple for both the Fall and Winter. Learn more and go shopping at http://www.umishoes.com.


I could’ve had a nervous breakdown in the middle of Madison Avenue if one more person told me that my infant was missing a sock. Well, thanks to Nowali, that will remain hypothetical. This Unique combo of sock and shoe really does stay on kids’ feet. These Moccasins, with their leather bottoms and double elastic at the ankle, not only stay on feet and offer more protection than your average sock but they’re adorable to boot (no pun intended). These no-skid shoes are perfect for early walkers and the soft soles allow the foot muscles to develop naturally. Clear out that drawer of single socks and make room for Nowali. They make ‘em for adults too! Visit http://www.nowali.com.

Lands End

You’ll actually want it to rain when you see the Toddler Wellie Rain Boots from Lands End on your little girl’s feet. These tall rain boots are perfect for those crazy big, often invisible puddles you find at every corner after it rains or snows. They have a roomy fit and are easy to get on and off. Heat-sealed rubber uppers keep little feet super dry. And the rugged-yet-lightweight treads provide traction on slippery surfaces while the cushy insoles are comfortable underfoot. And don’t worry about your little man getting left out in the rain – Lands End makes these and many other snow and rain boots for him too. Visit http://www.landsend.com.

It won’t be long before your child will be demanding heels, 50 pairs of gym sneakers and knee-high boots but until then, there’s no shortage of adorable shoes made just for your little one’s newly walking precious feet.

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