How to Find – and Keep – a Modern-day Mary Poppins

I am one of those crazy moms who deliberately had ‘two under two’. I also moved from the city to the suburbs when my second was only two weeks old. I was in need of some serious help (both figuratively and literally ;-). Needless to say, I went through one babysitter after another because I could never seem to get comfortable with any particular caregiver situation. Professional nannies required pricey 4- hour minimums when I really only needed 20 minutes of help here and there, young mother’s helpers required rides to and from my house, housekeepers weren’t babysitters and babysitters weren’t housekeepers….so things never really fell into place regarding my childcare needs. Fortunately, I had a lot of support from my parents, the gym’s childcare was a godsend and now that my children are older, carpooling and drop off play dates come in handy. But if I had Tammy Gold’s new book, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer: A Practical Guide for Finding and Achieving the Gold Standard of Care for Your Child (Perigee, 2015), I could have saved myself a lot of time and stress and gotten some highly valuable advice.

This groundbreaking new book introduces the first matchmaking process between parents and their most important employee–their child’s caregiver. One in five American babies is looked after by someone other than their own parents at some time. This much-overlooked caregiver might be a relative, a neighbor, an au pair or a daytime nanny. Unfortunately, because they’re desperate for help, countless parents leave their children with caregivers who may not be the right match for their child’s developmental stage. Studies show that early caregivers have a direct impact on a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development making choosing the right person a daunting task for many parents. ??Until now, parents have had no guidance on how to match their parental needs and their child’s developmental needs with the perfect caregiver. In her new book, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer: A Practical Guide for Finding and Achieving the Gold Standard of Care for Your Child (Perigee, 2015), Tammy Gold, a licensed therapist and national parenting expert, offers parents the first detailed process for hiring a caregiver who will enhance and enrich their child’s development and the family’s well-being.??

Gold’s unique perspective on this topic is shaped by her deep involvement with child developmental psychology. She explains the three types of nannies, and how location and mobility can affect how well a nanny can care for one’s child. Most important, she engages parents in a complex thinking process that’s absolutely crucial when choosing the right person to watch their child.??Noting that most parents approach the process backward, Gold reveals her “Gold Standard” hiring approach that first zeros in on the family and child’s essential needs, then provides a step-by-step process for screening, interviewing and evaluating the best-possible candidates. The Gold Standard approach involves:??

– Identifying the family’s “must haves,” added “pluses” and non-negotiable “deal-breakers” in a
prospective caregiver
– Employing screening strategies to weed out unqualified applicants
– Structuring interviews that allow insights to both parties’ objectives
– Conducting in-home trial sessions using Gold’s scripts for what to do and say
– Making the offer through Gold’s prescribed Nanny-Family Agreement
Gold offers “Nanny Whisperer” strategies to families already employing a nanny who need pointers for correcting poor performance or mending broken relationships. She explains how most issues come down to poor communication. Through “Nanny Speak” communication tips, Gold describes ways that both parent and nanny can better understand expectations and move past difficulties.

This book debunks the “one nanny fits all” view, and offers a groundbreaking perspective on what a caregiver can and should be. This is the only book of its kind in which a therapist literally teaches parents why choosing the right caregiver is so important, and then presents detailed strategies on how to do it. 

Visit to learn more about Tammy and her services and to buy this very helpful book!

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