Flower Power

Whether celebrating Mother’s Day or the blossoming of springtime in the city, these items honor the fruits of Mother Earth. Pick the ones that suit you best for the spring of things or for your favorite earth mama.


Kiehls offers a scrumptious Gardenia Collection for Mother’s Day, rife with the fresh, intoxicating scent of the gardenia flower. Inspired by Kiehl’s classic essence collection, this limited edition collection includes hand and body lotion, liquid body cleanser and a scented candle. Aloe and wheat protein round out the cleanser, and olive fruit oil, jojoba and squaline enrich the lotion. Also, new and expecting moms will love the Kiehls New Mom Gift Basket, filled to the brim with luxurious essentials. Find it at www.kiehls.com or order it at 1-800-KIEHLS.

‘Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz’ entertainer extraordinaire Hayes Greenfield pays homage to the planet with his new release, Music for a Green Planet. Adults and children alike will sway to Alouette in Green, Brahms Green Lullaby, This Green Man and other songs crafted to instill responsibility across the generations. Find it at www.musicforagreenplanet.com.

Auromere’s Mud Spa literally renders you one with nature – and glowing with health! It contains four types of clay from India and twelve herbs to purify and rejuvenate skin. Slather it all over for an at-home spa experience, and find it at www.auromere.com. If your child’s skin is sensitive, itchy or problematic, have your little one use Auromere’s chemical-free Neem Ayurvedic Soap or Balm.

The Aztecs called Salvia Hispanica, or Salba seeds, “running food” for good reason: they provide eight times more omega-3s than salmon, six times more calcium than whole milk and three times more anti-oxidants than blueberries. This gift from the earth can easily be added to cereal, sandwiches, baked goods, pastas, vegetables, smoothies, yogurt and rice. Core Naturals Salba is grown in Peru under controlled conditions to maintain quality. Find it at www.salba.com.

The perfect gift for a green thumb and mind is the Greensender Box – a starter’s kit for making green practices a part of everyday life with the slogan “Let’s Get Started.” The box includes a reusable water bottle, reusable grocery bag, energy efficient lightbulb and t-shirt. Visit www.greeensender.com to order one for yourself or for someone you know who could use it.

Organix-South just introduced twelve useful herbal supplement formulas, which are the first and only certified organic herbal supplements using supercritical whole herb extraction. The formulas are tailored to specific conditions and have no synthetic additives; for example, Respiratory Support contains neem, holy basil, turmeric and longpepper. Let Mother Earth take care of you! Visit www.organixsouth.com to order.


Mothers who have thank you notes to send, friends to write, relatives to whom they can boast about their progeny, and lots of things to say will want to put it all down on all stationery by Papeterie. This aesthetically-pleasing, high quality line is festooned with flowers and designs that are elegant but not stuffy – just like mom herself. Choose your favorite pattern at www.papeteriestore.com.

Let’s hope that every spring, each year, gets increasingly greener. In the meantime, smell the roses and savor the fruits of the earth!

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