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After Halloween, costumes are whisked back into the closet with anticipation of Thanksgiving festivities, and girls look forward to the year’s first holiday party and a school break. As with all major holidays, Thanksgiving dinner is an opportunity for a girl in the laboratory of femininity to pick a new dress, try a new hairstyle, sample with new accessories.

Have your daughter check out Shabby Apple’s holiday dresses: this unique line of hand made dresses is deliciously old fashioned, and tiered with rows of ruffles to win over the heart of the girl who has an eye for couture. Check out the Girl’s Night Out Dress, the Fahionista or Drama Queen styles for a classical glamorous look at

If your daughter is a free spirit who is more apt to chase after the turkey rather than roast it in the pan, the Twirly Girl collection of dresses is the style for her. Twirly Girl is a line of wearable fantasy for girls who like colors, wild patterns and unusual pairings. Why be drab and nerdy when you can be bold and hip? For Thanksgiving festivities in nature or indoors, try the Twirly skirt matched with striped leggings and a matching snazzy top. Rolling on haystacks, collecting acorns or doing somersaults around the dinner table should be no problem for the girl wearing these spirited sets.

After picking her dress, your daughter will enjoy choosing a piece of jewelry to fine-tune her look. To bring out the subtle drama of the Girl Night’s Out Dress, a piece of personalized jewelry by Sima G is a great choice. The artist Sima G can stamp your daughter’s name on a hammered or smooth medallion, which hangs on an adjustable silver or gold plated chain. The delicacy of the embossing effect and the unusual lettering give this item a sophisticated-yet-raw quality. Your daughter will enjoy setting the chain at different lengths to create subtle changes. Pick your own design at

To compliment the Twirly Dress a trendy pendant from Phenominoes is the perfect accoutrement. Phenominoes is a line of necklaces featuring vibrant art work by Ketra Oberlander and George Mendoza, two acclaimed blind painters. Dominoes are hand painted and then strung on a color coordinated ribbon necklace. Phenominoes sales support the blind artists whose work adorns the pendants. It allows your fashionista to make an impact on society by helping a good cause. Check the website for a colorful collection of artsy pendants to become every dress:

With these ideas for dresses and accessories your princess can experiment what style fits her best and get familiar with the tools by which she is forging her identity.

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