Freemie For New Moms: Discreet Breast Pump Freedom

Pumping milk is not easy. Especially multiple times a day. Created by Dr. Stella Dao, the Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump is a revolutionary collection system that allows mothers to collect breast milk in a hands-free and concealable way. The idea of Freemie came about when Dr. Dao was pumping in closet type spaces and restrooms to feed her twins. She knew there just had to be a better way to pump and with a level of ease. From that moment the Freemie was born. What Freemie does is give women freedom to pump anywhere, hands free and with a system that adds an extra layer of convenience and comfort. The Freemie is concealable and is worn inside the bra. For working moms, you have the accessibility of pumping discreetly at your desk or driving home from work. And you don’t have to worry about changing your clothes to pump, which is one less thing to worry about!

Each Freemie Collection Cup is held in place by the bra and under the clothes you are wearing. The cups need to fit as tightly as if you were holding it on with your hands, so you may need to adjust your bra accordingly. The Freemie works and feels just like regular breast pump equipment when placed over breasts. The benefit here is handling double pumping is much easier. Instead of milk falling down tubes and hanging in bottles below the funnels, the Freemie collects the milk in cups surrounded by the funnels.

Some other points to know about the Freemie is that it is small and quiet. Produced with a revolutionary noise reduction technology you are not going to be a distraction to those around you as you pump. It also includes the world’s first programmable sleep timer that allows you to set a shut off time. You can set the timer in five-minute intervals and up to forty minutes. The Freemie comes with a rechargeable battery that you can use with a USB cord from your computer or even in the car. The company also emphasizes on their website that it is important to lower speed settings to achieve higher maximum suction levels. The Freemie is fantastic because now you can pump wherever you are and when you need to. Having a mobile breast pump will help alleviate much of the daily stress when it comes to feeding your child.

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