Fun (and Educational) Gifts for Kids

Finding enjoyable and engaging gifts for kids that help them develop and learn are a parent’s dream-come-true. Here are two that will keep them playing and learning at the same time:


Whether you have a budding thespian, future playwright or director, or a child who typically loves make-believe play, Props In a Box enables a child to dress up and be the star of a homegrown fantasy. Your child can immerse in the imaginative world of a pirate, chef, dinosaur, princess, farmer, doctor, astronaut, and more – and every prop kit comes with its own fabric storage case, props, costumes, a backdrop and downloadable Props In A Box Movie Maker App ™. Get the action started at Ideal for snow days, rain days, birthday parties, preschools, elementary school plays — and of course, Halloween.


Studies have definitively demonstrated that understanding and playing music bolsters mathematical ability. Music is part of life’s sweetness, so why not teach your children the music basics along with their ABCs. Noisy Notes enables you to do just that, with products that are fun for little ones, 0-5 years. The Noisy Notes are a gaggle of loveable birds that teach your child about tempo, group effort, and music theory, and the egg shakers that accompany some of the lessons are crafted from cherry wood, non-toxic, and are softer on the ears than traditional egg shakers. Visit or (check out the videos!) for more info about how to fill your home with the sound of music this season and in 2016. This is definitely a worthwhile investment.


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