Games To Bring You Closer


Some of childhood’s fondest memories are often centered around a game board or special toy that provokes hours of imaginative play. In the spirit of those memories, here are a few items that will spark youthful flights of fancy.


(Whoonu for family surprises

Cranium’s newest family member, Whoonu, lets players guess which things are considered most and least favorite by other family members. Did you know your child preferred bean bags to tents, eggs to gingerbread, baseball to soccer, and chocolate milk to cookies? Imagine everything else you’ll discover! Available at Target, Toys “R’ Us and


Dao will challenge your brain

When playing Dao, and you will for hours, strive to be the first to place your four same color river stones into winning positions. Stored in a keepsake polished bamboo tube, this timeless game entices you to strategize and enjoy. Available at


Cathedral inspires great moves

Another strategic game that’s lovely to look at and thrilling to play is Cathedral. Move within the game’s ancient medieval walled city as you battle to place all of your buildings on the gaming field. When you victoriously lay claim to a family member’s territory, try not to gloat. Find Cathedral at

In all weather at any time of year, there’s no excuse for ‘board-dom’ as long as you have an imagination and reason to plot! Let the family games begin.

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