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Fond memories of childhood often include summers off at camp — a carefree time when kids can feel independent and at one with nature, while bonding with new friends and insects. Going off to camp equipped with the right gear is key to keeping the campers and their memories happy.

This little bottle of OMyst is powerful enough to prevent infections from cuts, insect bites and burns, and it’s made from 100% organically grown plants, including yarrow, calendula, wild roses and plantain in alcohol. Created by a nurse practitioner with 12 years of emergency room experience, this little first aid kit is worth every cent due to its remarkable potency and effectiveness. Find it at

The Box Girls created an engaging Camp Bunk Box of Questions for girls 8 years and older, with an emphasis on questions specific to camp (“What is your least favorite camp rule?,” “How many days do you think you could go without showering at camp?”). For the ride to camp, there’s the Family Road Trip Box, and The Truth or Dare Box is fun too, and TTMA: teens-tested/moms approved. Find all of the game boxes at

Camp and school seem to require clothing labels for kids – and in fact, all of life seems to require labeling for toddlers. No place better to find them than at Mabel’s Labels. This source for quality, durable and stylish labels attracts parents from all around the globe who want to label socks and sippy cups, pencils and caps. Even parents who want to label spices turn to Mabel’s Labels, so peruse the offerings at Parents take note: you can also order business or personal cards at the site, too.

Little swimmers will appreciate Clear Ears, since they contain an FDA approved polymer that draws water from the ears. Soft, comfortable and safe for both children and adults, they provide relief for clogged on the spot. Find them at Also find antimicrobial BioEars to prevent water from entering ears in the first place — and for plugging out night sounds in the cabin (howling wolves and screeching bats). If flying with little ones this summer, also pick up Ear Planes with a pressure-regulating filter to keep ears from hurting, clogging and popping in flight:

Wallaroo hats have a built-in SPF and provide protection from the blazing sun. Available in kid and adult sizes, there’s no dearth of styles from which to choose if you have eager campers or slated weekends in the sun. Browse the extensive selection at

Linx Tags are ingenious little tags to ensure that your child’s pair of swim goggles remains recognizable and distinctive. Let your swimmer choose the tag the he or she likes best, and diving begin! Linx Tags fit all goggle brands and come in twelve designs, available at

What could make tween girls at camp more squeamish than bathroom odors? Poo-Pourri offers a solution: spritz the bowl with their blend of essential oils before using, and voila!, problem solved. Preferable to unnatural-scented air fresheners, these blends leave behind no telltale coverage odors, and come in three travel-size scents as well as a masculine blend for dad, Pooch-Pourri for pets, and the diaper deodorizer blend Dia-Pourri. Throw this in the camp bag, and your little one is good to go! No pun intended.

Every parent wants to be certain that while their children are away from home, or even at day camp, they have everything they need to remain safe, sound and a happy camper.

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