Gifts Dad Can Use…And Love

Fathers across America will be lauded this month, and for good reason. So eschew the usual and get him something special this year (and every year). Here are some seasoned suggestions for items that will make dads beam with happiness.


Dad will appreciate your timeless investment in Titan luggage, for it has a lifetime guarantee and a style that will never quit working. This German-engineered luggage is extremely lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant, fully lined, padded, and has wheels; it the true apex of all luggage. Titan is already a favorite in Europe and Asia, and is now conquering North America. Dad will develop wanderlust the moment he sees it! Available in 25 countries in a variety of sizes, models and colors – and at


Another way for dad to travel, is with baby-on-back, and Snugli is the go-to brand for ultra-reliable baby toting gear. This carrier straps on his back for heavy-duty hiking through the hills of Central Park and mountains of Central America. Not only will this provide years of ease and enjoyment, but can be stored away for the next generation of baby transporters. Find it at, or

Dad will want to kick back with a book or two on his special day, so get him Armin Brott’s book series targeted for modern dads. This series demystifies child development and underscores the key role a father plays in a child’s life. What’s more, Brott is an extremely engaging writer, so delving into his well-researched, comprehensive books is a veritable joy. Find them at and your favorite bookstores.

Another book any father will enjoy is American Daddy, A Father’s Heart Revealed by Gabriel Pelino. Featuring candid photographs of men with their children, each man presents a unique view of fatherhood, yet all are bound together by the love they have for their children and the experience of fatherhood itself. At the risk of sounding corny, this book will bring a tear to your eye and a lump to your throat. Find it at and your local bookstore.


No one ever expects an accident to occur, but since dad often finds himself in the driver’s seat, giving him a Collision Kit from is a thoughtful and possibly life saving gift. The kit will enable him to know all the important information after a collision, and help him to regain his composure in a stressful situation. what Lightweight, portable and attractive, this is kit that all practical dads will love having in the car for added protection.

Don’t forget the most important gift of all on Father’s Day gifts – hugs and kisses; what he treasures the most.

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