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You don’t have time to constantly scour New York City’s special boutiques and grocery store aisles to find the latest and greatest for your nearest and dearest. Not to worry, we do. Here’s the scoop for March:


Kim & Jason’s Shy Flower Kit contains everything a child needs to plant a “Shy Flower” except the water and sunshine: big, hardy seeds, dirt, a cup, instructions and a comic strip. Little hands will enjoy planting their Shy Flowers in spring for blossoming later, and the kit is just the right size to be officially adorable. Another great find at Kim and Jason’s Lemonade Stand is the family-friendly set of Table Topics cards that feature questions to bring family members closer. Where does your 10 year old see him or herself in ten years? What memory would your child like to relive? Answers and more await you at


Noodle and Boo is a line to love for numerous reasons, including the timeless, quasi-vintage packaging, fresh fragrance, extensive product list, and high-quality results. Shampoo leaves hair silken, lotion leaves skin soft and aromatic, and the line’s All of My Heart soap is substantial. Appropriate for babies, children and metro parents alike, the Honey Child, Crème Douce and Glowology products are absolutely unique. Noodle and Boo is available at Bergdorf Goodman and at


Frutzzo Yumberry juice is exactly what parents dream of: a delicious, organic “real” juice without sugar or additives that kids will love and actually drink. The Yumberry, or Chinese Yang Mei berry, is both tart and sweet and is remarkably high in vitamin C, thiamin and carotene. New to the market, this is a brand that will endure in lunchboxes and is available in blueberry, pomegranate and cherry flavors at


Healthy snack bar update: a new batch of Attune Wellness Bars have made an appearance flavored with Mango Peach Granola and Dark Chocolate for your family’s probiotic daily wellness. These tasty, portable bars contain more than five times the beneficial probiotics found in yogurt with less sugar, and are thought to enhance immune function, assist with lactose digestion, reduce allergies in children, and decrease infections. Find them at SOYJOY snack bar lovers will revel in two new scrumptious flavors: Peanut Chocolate Chip and Strawberry. Chock-a-block with natural ingredients, your kids can snack their way to optimal health. And there’s a new kid on the snack bar block, the Yotta bar, which is a tasty way to sneak some vegetables into your children’s diet in a manner they would applaud (if they only knew). Six to nine vegetables work undercover in the Yotta bar — that’s a half-cup of vegetables and fruits in each bar, and they come in cherry, orange and apple cinnamon flavors. No sugars, trans fats, cholesterol, saturated fat or GMO. Instead: vitamins, iron and the power of vegetables. Find them at


All kids love ketchup, and thanks to Wholemato, now parents will slather it on everything too. This organic ketchup sweetened only with organic agave nectar imparts a zesty flavor to meals, and comes in a glass bottle to avoid the possible chemical leach associated with plastic ones (due to the high acidity level in tomatoes). Find it at and start craving ketchup again.

Organix offers more than twenty natural, sulfate-free products that your kids can use in the shower without worry. The new Healing Mandarin Olive Oil Collection is comprised of 100% active organic mandarin orange extracts and organic olive oil for a heavenly-scented shampoo that will leave kids’ hair looking as delectable as it smells. Available at


After-shower, have your children wrap themselves in the soft, generous and luxurious organic cotton towels offered by England’s Christy brand. Christy also has baby bibs, children’s spotted bath towels, beach towels and fluffy, comfortable robes. Parents will absolutely swoon over this organic line of deluxe towels; choose your favorite at

From healthy ketchup and nutritional snack bars to organic cotton towels and natural shampoo, there’s something new and beneficial this spring for everyone in the city’s 12-and-under set.

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