Green Mama: Earth Friendly, Organic Products For A Healthy Back to School

New scientific data is suggesting that the risks of developing cancer later in life is higher than ever because of the ingredients in the everyday and personal care products we use.

Make sure you buy back to school products that won’t leak anything dangerous into your child’s body. Caring about our children’s future includes making the best choices for this endangered human species.

Children enjoy doing their homework more if they have a good source of natural light to keep their eyes comfortably focused and not strained. The Planet Light by Verilux features unique Verilux Trucolite compact fluorescent bulb technology, which creates a balanced spectrum of natural sunlight to make reading at night much more enjoyable, safe, healthy, and economical. It consumes only a fifth of the power of a comparable incandescent light bulb, lasts up to 10,000 hours and generates no harmful UV rays and very little heat. The natural light spectrum uplifts tired, sun deprived moods in the winter for a happier over all sense of being. Children will be thrilled that this green product does not waste energy and helps curtail energy consumption to protect the future of their planet.

The Eco Gear Fjord Charcoal Bag is the perfect accessory for the sophisticated youth who enjoys contemporary hip design, function and is committed to the environment. Eco gear bags are made out of pvc-free fabric and toxic-free dyes. The production of pvc plastic or vinyl creates toxins that have been known to cause severe damage of health such as endocrine disorders, cancer and birth defects. Other details include a mesh padded back, a compartment for a laptop made out of rPET polyester materials, natural cotton webbing and buckles made out of recycled plastic. A must have for an enlightened youth who wants to reduce his carbon imprint on this endangered planet.

The Lunchopolis Lunch Box is nicknamed the garbage free lunch box because its point is to stop the overflowing of landfills with wrappers and disposable containers used for lunch. It includes different sized containers and a drinking bottle. BFA plastic is a safe alternative to regular plastic because it prevents Bisphenol leeching from the plastic to the food if you heat it up. Your child is encouraged to think about reusing and recycling rather than use and dispose.

Sleeping tight on an organic orthocervical pillow guarantees that your child will sleep soundly while growing beautifully. The Coco-Mat Pillow is an orthocervical pillow with natural rubber flakes and goose down. The pillow is divided in six compartments, a neck roll filled with natural rubber and three others filled with down. You can adjust the filling of the neck roll to fit your child’s head. Especially recommended for the allergy prone, sensitive and for kids with bad posture or difficulty sleeping this organic pillow is the king of pillows for a sound night’s sleep.

At the end of summer, if your child’s hair is sun damaged by too much sea salt or chlorinated water, California Baby Shampoo for swimming is ideal to restore balance and natural oils. Free of common allergens, the swimmer’s defense non-stripping cleansing formula takes the green out of blond hair, contains organics, botanicals and essential oils. Developed by a mother who cares for all children and the earth, it leaves a wonderful uplifting and balancing scent of gardenia flowers. and health food stores.

Eco Lips is the leading organic lip balm company in the country. 90% of the ingredients are organic and contain only organic plant oils, beeswax and aloe vera. Unlike regular chapsticks, there is no petroleum, no gluten, carmine, hydrogenated oils or lanolin. Natural earth minerals create a natural shimmer when applied on the lips. Check the new collection of different Eco Tints Tinted Lip Care such as Eco Tints Rose Quartz, Eco Tints Moonstone, Eco Tints Plush Red, Eco Tints Mocha Velvet and more. Available at, Whole Foods and health stores.

To carry around in her purse, keep in her locker or give as a first day of school gift to her best friend, the vegan moisturizing “freshly made in England” cream for face, body and hands by Steamcream, will appeal to girls with its whipped-cream buoyancy, quick absorbency and fragrance derived from pure essential oils. The cream contains oatmeal infusion, orange flower water, almond oil, lavender oil, organic jojoba oil and cocoa butter. All the raw ingredients are ethically-sourced and your daughter and her friends will have fun collecting the artistic recyclable, reusable eco-friendly aluminum tins designed by artists from all around the world.

Clean Well Hand Sanitizers kill 99,99% of germs naturally without using benzalkonium chloride or triclosan (a dangerous endocrine disruptor that blocks hormones and disrupts the body’s functions) or any other toxic chemicals. It offers a safe and effective natural alternative. Keep one in your child’s backpack all year to protect hands safely and keep them moisturized. Find it at

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Make Up Remover Pads and Towelettes remove make up effectively and can be carried easily to the gym or in a backpack in its lightweight packaging. Busy girls who cannot be bothered will find them convenient and very handy. Available at fine drugstores and mass-market retailers nationwide.

To ensure your children stays healthy and strong this school year, Organic Yummi Bears Vitamins, provide essential vitamins in chewy gummy bears with natural fruit flavors and colors. Kids of any age and even teens who refuse to take their vitamins will have a hard time saying no to these delicious, chewy bears that taste so yummy. Available in health food stores.

Animal Parade Kids Immune Booster is a chewable antioxidant supplement with whole foods concentrates in a tropical berry flavor to provide vitamin A, C, E and Zing in a herbal blend which includes green tea, olive leaf and ocidophilus to help promote better digestion for full absorption of the nutrients. Good to take in the fall and when seasons change, during tests and on sluggish days when you need a little boost and feel you may be coming down with something. Available in health food stores.

With these green products, your child has a better chance of facing a challenging new school year while remaining healthy and sound, and picking up new habits that promote the planet’s well being.

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