Green Your Teen


In honor of Earth Day this month, imbue your teens with green values, and provide them with products that underscore them.

Your teen queen’s sensitive, ever-changing skin will benefit from the nourishing, NOP-certified Glory For Girls product line, rife with nourishing ingredients such as chamomile, pink grapefruit, bergamot, acai fruit, and honeysuckle. Whether battling acne outbreak, moisturizing, cleansing or toning, your favorite girl can stay staunchly green with Glory For Girls. Peruse this line’s organic offerings at

Pencils, pens, notebooks and all manner of green school supplies can be purchased at the honorable Green Apple School Supply. These supplies from around the world are recycled, reclaimed or made with managed forest wood to reduce and reuse. Find biodegradable highlighter pencils, recycled rulers, scissors, graphite pencils and ballpoint pens, and an intriguing staple-free stapler. Other original items include markers made of paper, soy-based crayon “rocks”, banana paper notebooks and a compartmentalized lunchbox. Visit to stock up and get schooled this Earth Day.

Freshaire Choice paint is a no-VOC paint without chemical odor or harmful effects. So next time you or your teen paints a room, purchase this environment-friendly paint that comes in 66 rich color tints and dries in minutes. It’s also washable, and available in recycled cans – with labels printed with soy ink. Check out the colorful lineup at, and see if someone wants to earn an extra allowance by re-painting a cabinet or two.

Kids of all ages from kindergarten to the nearly college-bound will appreciate the fact that Happy Heads repels insects and lice at school, camp and in parks. What’s better: it smells fresh, it’s non-toxic, and it’s as effective as the chemical-laden versions. Find this new line’s healthy shampoo, conditioner, full family kits, camper prevention kits, nontoxic spray and organic gel-repel at If you can’t banish blood-sucking parasites, at least keep them at bay.

Teens and tweens are fledgling adults, soon to grab the torch for their laps through adulthood. Ensure that they’re healthy for a long stretch here on Earth.

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