Keeping Kids Healthy…and Clean!


Every parent in the world would love to shower their wee ones with candy, toys and all of the things that elicit smiles — but parents know that the most loving thing to do for a child is keep an eye out for what’s healthy. Here is a roundup of new products that will either bolster health, or keep things clean and germ-free.

Tzu The has crafted a delicious snack bar made from green tea leaves, flax, buckwheat oat, vitamins, and other natural ingredients. High in protein and fiber, this bar is rich in vitamin-B, unsulphured dried fruits, minerals and essential amino acids. Available in different flavors such as Tropical Fruit and Natural Rice, kids across America can now enjoy going green. Available at and at health food stores.


During flu season, little hands will be cleaner after using , thanks to a clever “ink stamp” that’s administered by the dispenser when your child uses it — and needs to be washed off completely. Removing the tiny ink stamp requires the amount of time necessary to kill germs, which solves the problem of children washing their hands for all of two seconds. Now hand-washing is rendered fun, and the Squid Soap bottle in an ingenious design that will complement any washroom. Visit Take a tip from the French during flu season and gird yourself for the holidays with , a homeopathic medicine demonstrated to reduce the severity and duration of flu symptoms. With no side effects such as drowsiness or hyper-alertness, this may very well be the perfect and most effortless way to maintain your family’s health. circle-of-friends-jpg.jpg

To keep kids excited about bath time, introduce them to the Circle of Friends bubble baths and Shower gels. This salon-performance hair, bath and body line for children contains botanical and fruit extracts, and each bottle is embossed with a picture of a friend: Maria’s Buenas Nochas Bubble Bath, Lachlan’s Shamrock Suds, Tommy and Sean’s Home Run root Beer Shower Gel, and others. What child could resist these? Find them at

While keeping your little ones clean in the tub, keep their clothes clean, too. Tide has introduced a new line called Simple Pleasures which merits notice for the heavenly fragrance it imparts to all of your clothes. Head and shoulders above the laundry soap crowd, this new line will give your clothes a just-washed aroma that inspires a subtle sniff of your sleeve throughout the day. Look for Simple Pleasures wherever you buy detergent.

Crest has a new lineup as well, called Wild Expressions, which is ideal for the age 6 – 15 crowd. Packaged in bright, colorful bottles and flavored with orange and lemon, this line is ideal for persnickety tweens and kids who feel too grown-up for toddler toothpaste (yet it’s not as strong as adult toothpaste). Look for it wherever you buy toothpaste, since moms may love it too.


The Natural Dentist is a line for parents who want to cut the sugar out of toothpaste, yet want a pleasing flavor. This natural, tooth-whitening paste also fights plaque and cavities and has no chemicals, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives. The Natural
Dentist rinse for braces, Healthy Teeth, is ideal for teens and comes in a Berry Blast flavor that soothes irritated gums (which will surely put your teen in a less sullen mood).

Keep it clean and healthy, for health is truly wealth — and your family is worth it!

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