Let’s Not Forget the Makeup! Mama Faces the Counter ­ Take 2


Ok mamas, I couldn’t leave you in my last article with just fresh, ageless looking skin. I know they use us for IVORY soap commercials and the “pure” look. But, we mothers are also ravishing beauties with creative, dramatic looks. And beauty like anything worth having requires a little work. I know, I know, that last statement makes you laugh after all your work with your little one’s colds and teething pain this season already. I myself have been to Jax’s pediatrician 4 times in the last few weeks. But there is nothing that feels so good next to an arm wipe full of baby snot, than a peek in the mirror to find Lancome’s Rouge Sensation Brown Sugar Velvet lipstick is still going strong! So, I went back to the counters at Herald Square Macy’s, the Lord & Taylor at Aventura Mall, Aventura, Florida and Bal Harbor Shops, Bal Harbor, Florida for you mamas, and this time let’s talk makeup.

Lancome Delicious
I went to back to the counters with armfuls of baby oatmeal smears and my mama goals. Remember, timing is key. Mothers have none. So, the makeup has to be simple. Lancôme was not only simple but deliciously mama-friendly. First, their choices for foundations and concealers. I am a normal-combination skin, and I like looking tan. The thought of scheduling a 10 minute tanning booth when going to pee poses a challenge is ludicrous. So for day-time I prefer to use their Soleil Flash Bronzer with Pure Vitamin E (ahhh it feels lite, lovely) on the face with touches of Photogenic Skin Illuminating Concealer SPF 15 around the eyes and a quick brush of Photogenic Sheer Pressed Powder for the nose. Finally, for the perfect, I just have that natural, healthy looking tan look face (yeah, right!), Lancôme’s Star Bronzer Bronzing Powder SPF 8 for Face and Body. For evenings, when my husband and I go on date nights (absolutely, positively necessary!), I pull back on the bronzer products and use the Dual Finish Fragrance Free Powder for my base with more of a dramatic color on the cheeks that I found wonderfully in their Blush Focus line.

I Spy with My Little Eye
My eye makeup during the day is the critical focal point but can’t be too heavy. I kiss my son so much that no matte lipstick in the world stays without re-application. So not so colorful lips must be offset with carefully accented eyes. I love Lancôme’s long-lasting Le Stylo waterproof eyeliner with the sponge tip applique. Soft, but utterly stated. After that follows their waterproof Definicils mascara. I tend to not wear eye shadow during the day, but for evenings mamas their new Divine Holiday Collection is simply divine!!! Wow! For lips, day or night, I love to outline my lips with their Le Crayon Lip Caramel liner, and fill in with their Rouge Sensation Brown Sugar Velvet (Velvet means matte to Lancôme). But evenings, when I want to attract my big Daddy’s “juicy” kisses, I throw on a little of their Juicy Rouge line ­ lip-licious!!!! Finito ­ oohhh, and thanks Ginny down in Aventura MMall, Florida. Ginny’s been with Lancôme 14 years and she is a quintessential counter lady- brava, brava!

Estee Lauder ­ UH OH
Unfortunately ladies I cannot rave as easily on the Estee Lauder line. I am surprised. I love their skin care products but they just let me down on the makeup. They do a fine job on the foundations and concealers. For my skin type I use their Equalizer Smart Loose powder #2 with their Lucidity Concealer #2. When I asked at the counters of Saks, Bal Harbor about their self-tan products, they did not have testers or samples, so I can’t comment on those too well. And by the way Estee, you might want to do a surprise visit at your Bal Harbor counter ­ yikes! I could do a whole article on that alone, but I’ll be fair and stick to the makeup. So for a gleam of the sun, their Amber Bronze Duo Pressed Powder does the job. I do like very much EL’s 2 mascara choices for day and evening. Estee Lauder has an Illusionist line for day and the Magnascopic line (thicker, fuller) for nighttime. But when I asked about which is waterproof, I was told that they only had one waterproof mascara and the others were “water-resistant.” So double-check mamas, because I for one, need to have waterproof. As my son swam out the birth canal he left behind his angel-dust that sprinkled my heart and if I ever cried before, that is nothing like the waterworks now. (Baby angel dust when sprinkled on the heart will increase the aorta valves to double size). Their Automatic Eye Pencil is the product for EL I can swear by. They too, have a double-ended pencil and soft sponge for fixing smudges and rolls on like a dream!

EL’s Lip smacking? More like Lip cracking
What most disappointed at the EL counter were the lip products. Their newest product out is the Vinyl gloss stick and while yummy to look at is absolutely unrealistic for mommies. It is so yummy looking that my son tried to eat it and liked it!! It is just gummy, gummy, gummy! When asked if theey carried any mattes, I was declined. The Artist’s Lip Pencil literally crumbled on my lip line it was so dry. So for creamy, colorful full lips that won’t drip, smudge, crack or become your child’s next snack, pass on EL mamas!

[b]Queen Elizabeth, of course[/b] Elizabeth Arden continues to be regal, elegant. My big critique with our dear Queen Elizabeth is her hard-to-navigate, hard-to-find personality. Now, I know the royals are discreet, but this lady is a mystery. Elizabeth was at Macy’s and Lord & Taylor but was not found at Saks and Neiman’s. Also, their website feels quite tricky. There are no online consultations so you need to be product savvy before entering the site. The only product button is for “new” products. If you are ambitious and tireless, and insist on leaving no stone unturned, you might go to the “shop” button which says “shop for fragrances”, and there you can pull up their line of products at say Dillards for example and find new and continuing products. A workout of royal proportions!

Difficulties aside, once you encounter Elizabeth, their counter people are exquisite. For their makeup, I stayed incredibly simple but stunning. Instead of using foundation at all, I went with their Sheer Lights Illuminating Tint Moisturizer with SPF 15. A tinted moisturizer, with suncreen that acts like a foundation ­ now that’s delivery mamas! Combine that with their Bronzing Powder Duo and a light brush of their Loose Pressed Powder on the nose, and you’re a healthy looking mom-on-the-go!! Their Defining Mascara works nicely but again, check on waterproof if that is a concern. The nice thing here is that the Defining mascara line for Elizabeth is geared towards sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. I am both. At 10 p.m., my eyes start to dry out and if my mascara is harsh, it can be a painful experience. The eye liner choice for me here is their Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Espresso. Again, the dual sponge tip ­ muy muy importante! Their eye shadows I found to be satisfying but basic ­ try their Eye Shadow & Compact ­ a real bargain.

“Lips Only” Please
Now Elizabeth has got the right idea on the lips. For Lips, their Lip Definer is a crème lip pencil with a dual sponge tip end for cleaning up the smudges. Just like eyes, if you want your lips to be full, beautiful, but exacting, this clean up sponge tip is wonderful. I have seen too many lips look like a clown’s lips, including my own, and it’s a disaster. My husband will not take down a series of pictures of me with smudged lips ­ arrgggh! Someday when he is on a business trip I will have to say I broke the glass and frame while cleaning. And finally, Queen Elizabeth’s wonderful lip choices in their new Color Intrigue line or their Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant SPF 15 stick. I couldn’t decide which I liked better so I had to get both! The Color Intrigue line was having a buy 1 get 1 free special so I ended up with quite a bouquet of color for my lips at this counter. Last little secret on Elizabeth – royal though she may be, she’ll make you a cheap date! Compare the three lines and this little royal gives you a bang for your buck!

What’s in Mamas Stocking this Christmas
Ok Mamas, here’s what’s going on my list for Santa: Elizabeth Arden’s Sheer Lights Illuminating Tint Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Lancôme’s Star Bronzer Bronzing Powder with SPF 8. Touch those products up with Lancôme Photogenic Skin Illuminating Concealer SPF 15 around the eyes and a quick brush of Lancôme Photogenic Sheer Pressed Powder for the nose! It seems like a few products but once applied, I need no re-applications all day even after a hundred snuggles and kisses. This combination of products takes me right into evening if a date-night makes the calendar. The Estee Lauder eye makeup makes Santa’s list next. First Estee Lauder’s Automatic Eye Pencil. Then the Estee Lauder mascaras. Illusionist by day and Magnascopic by night. Now, believe it or not ­ I didn’t take off the Illusionist before applying the Magnascopic. I used Illusionist lightly for daytime and then for nighttime did a re-application using Magnascopic ­ magnifique! To dramatize the eyes for nighttime date nights or even a candlelight dinner for three or four or god bless the patron saints of five and up ­ Lancôme’s Divine Holiday Collection of eyeshadows. For mommy kisses all day, I pick the Elizabeth Arden Lip Definer with smudge tip, and Lancôme’s Rouge Sensation Brown Sugar Velvet (the only matte I could find, God bless Lancôme). Mmmh? Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

I’m signing off here mamas with an extra special holiday message. Since you do so much to make this season special and even remember the distant aunt of your husband’s side of the family that is in a nursing home in Atlanta somewhere ­ don’t gyp yourself. Since you are Santa™s greatest helper, let yourself be divine this season! That’s all and amen sister. Have a blessed holiday. I myself will be glittering under our tree in my Lancôme Holiday Collection of Eyeshadows that goes so well with my new baby blue, cowl neck sweater from Mossimo, making ginger cookies out of 100 year old heirloom cookie cutters – imagine that!

Take care, see you in the New Year. Love, Mama

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