Making Haunts With Heart

Leaves go from green to gold, squash gets scary and your kids are turning into little monsters! That is, unless they’ve decided to be witches, fairies, Harry Potters, Twilight characters…

Autumn is the season for dramatic transformations, as well as a great excuse for your whole family to flaunt their creative colors! Year after year, I remember my mom dragging home the perfect boxes for whatever costume she’d brainstormed to life with my sister and me (rubix cube, TV, head-on-a-platter…). We would fiendishly work on them, before moving on to carve our “better than yours!” jack-o-lanterns and assembling the “ours is the bestest-bestest!” scarecrow we’d enter into hay-brained beauty contests.

This fall, thanks to the folks at CITYarts, your family can strut their collective creativity on a public scale, costuming the city with mosaics and murals.

Their mission is clear on their website at “Since its founding in 1968, CITYarts has engaged nearly 100,000 New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds with over 500 professional artists in the process of designing and creating more than 260 murals, mosaics and sculptures. Special emphasis is given to neighborhoods where access to and participation in the arts is limited.”

Stave off the October chills by volunteering your painting prowess to the Global HeART Warming mural project in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn – inspired by the artwork of local school children. This project (as well as other great ongoing and completed projects) is still seeking charitable donations to fund its creation, so consider donating a portion of that trick-or-treats fund to the cause, and help make New York City a stunning work of heart!

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