Making Mama Happy This Mother’s Day


Spa treatments, homemade crafts from the kids, flowers, slippers – these gifts are not meant to be given only once in May but rather all year round! So this May 12th, why not give a gift that highlights the woman rather than the mom? What are her hobbies, passions and favorite pastimes? Here are some inspiring gift ideas to help you to show the moms in your life just how special and unique they truly are.

For the Social Mama

Skinnygirl Cocktails
Sometimes all a mom needs is some quality girl-time with old friends to remind her that she’s not just a mom. And a girl’s night out wouldn’t be complete without a Skinnygirl Cocktail in hand! From White Cranberry Cosmo to the classic Margarita, these pre-mixed and ready-to-sip cocktails from our favorite NYC housewife Bethenny Frankel are only 100 calories per serving, and all you have to do is open, pour over ice, garnish and serve! Visit

For the Gourmet Mama

Spice & Veggie Micro Greens & WearEver Pure Living Cookware
Use your culinary artistry and passion for cooking on more than just chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. For the gourmet cooking mom, the Spice & Veggie Micro Greens kit allows her to grow her own organic, fresh, intensely flavored greens year round, pick them fresh from the grow box, and use them in all kinds of sandwiches, soups, pastas, and more. For this and other great eco-friendly gift ideas, visit the That’s Caring website at

Take your freshest ingredients and whip them up into a culinary masterpiece using WearEver Pure Living Cookware. This set provides a healthy alternative to typical harmful nonstick Teflon, featuring a clean ceramic coating free of toxins such as PFOA, PTFE and cadmium. The cookware is eco-friendly, recyclable, dishwasher safe, and high temperature resistant allowing for safer cooking habits. Visit and

For the Fit Mama

Gaiam Fitness Clothing and Accessories
For the mama perpetually found in downward facing dog, go on a one-stop shopping spree at Gaiam. A leader in the yoga and fitness industry, Gaiam’s product line includes fitness DVDs, workout attire, casual clothing, accessories, as well as items for the home. Be sure to check out the FitPlans (for Beginners, Strength Training, Running and Pregnancy). These 90-day journals allow people to record goals, track progress, and achieve better overall training results. Whether she does marathons or sun salutations, any fitness and health fanatic will love a gift from Gaiam. Visit

For the Shutterbug Mama

Cameras by Olympus
Let’s face it. Your cell phone just doesn’t cut it when capturing those precious memories on film. One too many red eyes and blurred home runs will have you reaching for an actual camera. But big bulky SLRs are not very mom-friendly. Cue Olympus. Each of their cameras offers features every woman will appreciate. The SZ-16 iHS has a 24x zoom lens perfect for sporting games and recitals, 1080p full HD video, Beauty Mode (facelift/Photoshop built right into the camera), and Magic Art Filters. And be sure to check out the TG-2, the perfect travel camera – it’s pretty much waterproof, crushproof, shockproof and dustproof – in other words, child-proof! For more information on these and other great cameras, visit

For the Traditional Mama

Blue Nile Jewelry
No woman can resist it and you certainly can’t go wrong with the gift of fine jewelry and diamonds. Blue Nile’s trend-setting accessories, ranging from $30 to over $150,000, will make any woman feel glamorous. A popular spring trend, as seen in Hollywood with new celebrity moms, such as Katie Holmes, Kourtney Kardashian, and Jessica Alba, is accessorizing with your children’s initials. Keep her little ones even closer to her heart every day with Blue Nile’s Mini Initial Pendants – one to represent each of your children! These simple yet delicate necklaces are very high in quality and yet, under $100. Visit

Happy Mother’s Day 2013!

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