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June ushers in summer’s slower pace, and it’s the little things or thoughtful attention to detail that diminish our daily stress. Here is a roundup of products that will help parents relax or make their lives easier so they can savor the whirling dervishes that are their children.

Sunbeam offers a wide range of time-saving, relaxation-inducing products, including 19 modern heat pads in a variety of styles for sore, post-romping muscles. These are updated versions of what grandma used, incorporating color and featuring sleek designs, no “hot spots,” and machine washable materials. Sunbeam also makes life easier with the 28-ounce Tea Drop Hot Tea Maker, great for bagged or loose tea, and a boon for parties, picnics and when friends are over. It has clean lines and a modern shape that makes teatime stylish. Visit to what you need in your kitchen.

You’re making eggs for breakfast and they stick to the sides of your skillet. The baby cries, the phone rings, the dog whimpers near the door. Oh no…the eggs are burning!

Avoid at least part of this stressful scenario with the proper cookware. Every chef worth his sea salt knows that using the right tools makes a world of difference – and chefs also know that Le Creuset is a brand they can trust with prized recipes. With cookware that combines quality performance with exciting colors, Le Creuset has been pleasing families since 1925. The porcelain enameled cast iron skillets and pots spread heat more evenly, retain heat longer, and won’t react to acidic foods. All of that is important to parents who cook and want to do it well. Knobs and handles are oven-safe, Le Creuset can be put in the dishwasher, and all their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. How can you go wrong? Visit [url=][/url] and feast your eyes on the cream of the kitchen crop.

Mr. Coffee has a surprise for you, and it’s pretty high tech: the stainless steel, programmable 12-cup coffeemaker that you’ve always wanted. Bleary-eyed parents will arise at the crack of dawn to pre-programmed, fresh, piping hot coffee thanks to this hard-working model. Other features include a coffee-warming plate that automatically shuts off after two hours, brew delay, brew and pause for quick pouring, a replaceable water filter, brew strength options, and temperature options. Find this and much more at

Incorporate some Swiss ingenuity into your kitchen with Swissmar, the European cookware line that renders peeling, swiping, mixing, opening cans and decanting wine fun. Swissmar’s silicone spatulas are adorable and functional as well: heat resistant, food safe, and well-designed. The universal can openers in this line leave no sharp edges and have built-in bottle openers as well. Wine products such as racks, cooling buckets and decanting funnels can be found in this remarkable line. In fact, if you’re familiar with a decanting funnel, you should have a Swissmar one. Visit

Oster is another brand that pleases in the kitchen and in the wine cellar. Its electric wine opener saves eons of time at parties, reunions, weddings and other special occasions, easily opening as many as 30 bottles with the mere touch of a button when fully charged. That’s a lot of vino! A foil cutter removes wine seals, and the opener comes with a recharging base instead of a cord for convenience and mobility. A soft grip handle caps it all off, no pun intended. Visit to view Oster’s line of innovative kitchenware.

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