Mama Faces The Counter – Part I

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When my six month old son’s tiny fingers grabbed the spoon filled with oatmeal out of my hand and pitched it between my eyes ­ I laughed and thought “Well that’s the closest thing to a beauty treatment I’m going to get for awhile. Six month’s later I was determined to change that. The following Sunday was Jax’s one year birthday party and I would hear either a surprised, “You look great, I can’t believe you’re a Mommy,” or a sympathetic, “I know, I know, your life is changed forever.” The latter, the kiss of death. So, Jax and I set out to Macy’s to talk beauty.

Household economies now being about expensive formulas and diapers, I had to be smart and choosy. I was going to see what my three favorites had to say and then make some important decisions.

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First stop Lancome
I had been using Lancome skincare for years. An expert consultant named Dina worked hard to give me the quickest advice an 11 month old could tolerate. I told Dina that simplicity was the key. We started with my skin type ‘ normal/combination. First off cleansers. For my skin type the best two products were the Mousse Clarte and Tonique Clarte (foaming cleanser and clarifying toner). Step 1 and Step 2. Then onto a SPF 15 moisturizer that would hold up against sticky fingers and a day at the park ­ Bienfait Total – Step 3. Jax was starting to squirm and whine. I started with my Mommy faces ­ monkey, rabbit. Step 4 the repair creme at night ­ Primordiale Intense Eye. Mommy faces not working -full crying, back arching, and body twisting. Huge apologies, the stroller tipping backward, and we race to the door. Luckily, Lancome has a terrific website with personal consultations and I was able to do more research on the suggested products once Jax was in bed that evening.

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Lizzie to the rescue
The next day I decided not to put myself or my son through that again so I bartered some babysitting with a fellow Mommy. With no screaming baby in tow, I arrived at the Elizabeth Arden counter holding a fresh, hot cup of coffee in hand (that a feat in itself) and asked about a skincare routine for busy Moms. To be honest, I hadn’t used Elizabeth Arden in years but my sister was loyal to the brand and she looked great so I was curious. My curiosity paid off. A very pleasant, engaging woman named Nora told me all about my face being like a brick wall whose mortar starts to crumble as I age. How depressing. The mortar is called “ceramide” a natural nutrient that holds and flexes my face. So I was introduced to EA’s new skincare line “Ceramide.” Appropriate to my combination skin type, I was shown the Ceramide purifying cream cleanser and toner. Next came the moisturizer, Ceramide Time Complex Moisture Cream SPF 15 which is oil free for all day wear, and comes in a great purse-friendly container. Nora mentioned that a new product containing SPF 30 had just come out, Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisture Cream SPF 30 in case I desired that level of protection. Because those moisturizers were not tested for the eyes, Nora also showed me the Ceramide Eyewish Eye Cream SPF 10. And for nighttime repair, Nora showed me these wonderful little eggs filled with ceramide called Ceramide Eyes Time Complex Capsules that I could break and dab along the bone of my eye. I asked her what she used as her skin looked “young, beautiful and childless.” Nora laughed and said she swore by the daytime Time Complex Cream and the nighttime capsules. Remembering the babysitter, I had to finish up. So I thanked Nora and was on my way. I later checked out their website and unfortunately for colicky baby mommies, they do not do online consultations. For product information, their website is [url=][/url].

[b]Crossing the Finish Line with Estee Lauder[/b] Two hours left before I needed to pick up Jax. My last stop was at the Estee Lauder counter. My only current beauty routine besides washing my hair every other day was my daily wear of Estee Lauder ‘Pleasures’ and I just loved their products. I asked a pretty looking woman named Monica about “busy-Moms-on-the-go” products. She sweetly told me “she wasn’t a Mom,” and sat me down on a stool. Just to sit was glorious. Like Lancome, we talked steps. Here, the line specific for my delicate, combination skin was Re-Nutriv. Step 1 ‘the Take it Away Total Makeup Remover ­ wow ­ amazing ­ one one wipe! Step 2 ­ the Foaming Gel Cleanser and Step 3 – the Clean Finish Toner. I was so relaxed; I started to get nervous. I jerked forward to check around for strewn toys and a baby climbing dangerously up my chair and sat back again. Step 4 – Perfectionist skin refinisher. Step 5 ­ a new daywear product called Daywear Plus that not only is a SPF 15 moisturizer but also activates to your skin to give it an illuminating tint. Amazing! And it solved my issue around never having time as a new mommy to go tanning. And finally, Step 6 ­ Advanced Night Repair for eye recovery. We finished up and Monica was so sweet she even took my number to call me personally for product launches! Wow now that’s customer service – if only brands realized how loyal Moms can be due to time restrictions’ give us quality and some TLC and we’ll hand out flyers at Parent Teacher Meetings for goodness sake! Ohh by the way mama girlfriends, Estee Lauder does have personal consultations online, their website is [url=][/url].

You’re a beauty now, Mama
OK Mamas ­ here’s what’s going in my purse: First, Estee Lauder’s Take It Away Total Makeup Remover for any weary end of day oversights from the night before – gets off waterproof mascara fantastic! Next, Lancome’s Clarifying Foaming Gel and Clarifying Toner ­ light, refreshing. All three of these products are easy to do while you and your baby are still in the tub. Then, the super duper a la Mama Daywear Plus Tinted by Estee Lauder ­ the all–in-one SPF 15 protective, self tanning tint, moisturizer ­ now that’s efficiency! Let’s face it, the reason Moms give up is because of time. There is none. And so a beauty program for Moms has to be quick, thoughtless, easy and on-the-go. Finally, the evening skin treatment with those darn cute little eggs you break open and dab on the bone of your eye ­ Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eyess Time Complex Capsules and the Ceramide Night Intensive Repair Cream ­ whoo wants their face to look like a cracked, dry brick wall? Yikes ­ I better not take any chances losing my natural ceramide. So that’s it girlfriends ‘ oooohhh la la ­ I am a Mommy beauty goddess! Now I can get to the important stuff like buying safety locks for my cabinets, a load of newly “puked on” laundry, and shopping for sippy cups that actually don’t leak. Take a little time each day for beauty and Arrgghhhhh can become Ahhhhhh in seconds.

Gotta run Mamas, its time to pickup Jax, can’t be late for that beautiful angel face. Tune in next time for my results on what items go in my purse from these 3 favs for great makeup ­ inquiring minds might just want to know!

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