May: Time to Shower Your Mother


“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

Celebrate your unique mom on Mother’s Day this year by deluging her with delights and comforts. Whether large or small, expensive or hand-made, it’s always the thoughtfulness that renders a gift special. Here’s a roundup of products that will, along with your hug, clearly say thanks and I love you.

nahui-ollin-bag-jpg.gif nahui-ollin-change-purse.gif

When shopping at the green market or boulangerie, your mom could be chic toting around this beautiful, handmade Nahui Ollin handbag by designer Olga Abadi – and she’ll be helping the environment as well. Hand-crafted from 1500 recycled candy wrappers, this bag is one-of-a-kind and features long leather straps. Nahui Ollin bags are available in a full range of sizes from distinctive coin purses and clutches to catch-all bags and beach bags, and all are gorgeous. Find them at specialty boutiques and at


Consider the Sumo Pillow: what mom (or mom-to-be) wouldn’t love relaxing in an oversized bean-bag crafted for adults? Perfect for pregnant, nursing or exhausted moms, there’s no denying that kids will love it too. This is a sturdy bag built for adult-size comfort and endurance, which will bring out the kid in everyone. It’s extraordinarily comfortable and whimsical, and ideal for any playroom, bedroom or workout room. Mom will never get up from her Sumo Pillow! Find it at

The Homedics array of Pedicure Spas surely has one that mom will favor, and with sandal weather fast upon us, this is a thoughtful gift. Mom can de-stress and soothe tired toes, as well as polish, paint, and buff them with one of these useful, at-home pedicure sets. They’re easy to tote yet substantial, with massaging sea grass, vibrating action, and toe-touch controls. Check out all the things that will make mom relax at

A J.P. Lizzy designer diaper bag for new moms will be not only useful but stylish and durable. When babies turn to toddlers and then school-kids, the bag can serve as a computer carrier as well. Check out the superb collection of beautiful bags at; also available at and


Let mom do diaper duty in style with Diapees and Wipees. Unlike traditional diaper bags, these hold a travel pack of wipes and two to four diapers for moms on the go. Moms can pack them into a larger diaper bag (see J.P. Lizzy above) or toss them into their oversized purse. The graphics are so adorable, mom will want to save them long after they’re no longer needed!

Does mom love lingerie? OnGossamer and Betsey Johnson Intimates both have fun and flirty styles in spring’s floral colors, in tanks, thongs, boy shorts, hip bikinis, bras, bustiers, camisoles and chemises for warm weather. OnGossamer luxury liner panties promise no leaks, no stains and no problems due to patent-pending wicking material, which is ideal for new moms. Check out the beaded bra straps and sleepwear collection at Betsey Johnson Intimates has empire babydoll pajamas in shimmer chiffon, flapper-inspired babydolls, or vintage rosette slips. If mom is even slightly coquettish or retro, she’ll love Betsey Johnson’s new lingerie and sleepwear lines. Available at Betsey Johnson boutiques and fine stores.

Buttoned Up kits can help mom manage her life. Their roster includes kits on moving, spring cleaning, kids parties, organizing an office and making it green, the family calendar, and more. The most intriguing idea for mom is the Life.doc kit, with 8 sections that encompass the most critical areas of life: emergency plans, family basics, sickness, insurance, budget, legal, etc. This is a useful gift; find it at Barnes & Noble, Target, The Container Store and at


(Red)-branded items for Mother’s Day funnel money to a global fund earmarked for HIV/AIDS relief in Africa, where moms need your help and compassion. (Red) Gap tees or candles, Apple iPod Nanos (in apple red!), Apple gift cards, Motorola’s Red Razr, and Chuck Taylor’s All-Star Converse canvas high-tops are just a few of the (Red)-branded items you can purchase to perform double duty: giving to mom, giving to charity. Visit

Earth Therapeutics offers three delectable flavors of skin-tingling exfoliants for cell turnover: aloe vera & kiwi, oatmeal & honey, peaches and passion fruit spice. Combine these with the Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm Fiber Back Brush, and mom will be completely rejuvenated! Visit to see this line’s extensive roster of products.

For mom’s sentimental side, Papyrus Online offers journals, scrapbooks, notebooks, frames, address books and cards. Pair one with a few of Papyrus’s lavender or bergamot scented bath sets, or the trinket boxes offered on the site, and mom will have a smile on her face all day long. An assortment of gracious gifts can be found at

The Beach Grass Shop of Maine has an online site that leaves you feeling as if you just clicked in straight from the sun and surf. Order mom some perfect roses here – roses made of soap. Or give her the scent of summer with Aunt Sadie’s Grass Candle, which has a freshly-mown-grass appeal. Peruse the dozens of beach-oriented gifts at, and visit the brick and mortar site when in Maine.

Bella Mama’s Face & Body Spritzer with green tea and rose petals will deliver instant refreshment and hydration to mom’s skin – and impart a light fragrance as well. She can refrigerate for a cooling spritz in summer, or add to steam when giving herself a facial. Check out the other offerings at

Mangiacotti Florals has elevated kitchen soap, cleansers, air fresheners candles and sachets to the realm of the luxurious, in scents such as clementine, lemon verbena, ocean, eden, lavender and green tea. The kitchen soap dispenser shaped like a wine bottle with a silver pour spout or cork top is especially charming. Find it at


Gianna Rose Atelier is the place to buy fine gift soaps and scented drawer liners. Rabbits, dachshunds, maltese dogs, pugs, poodles, chihuahuas, scotties, cats, elephants, frogs, robin’s eggs, pears, apples, colored eggs (Les Oeufs des Couleurs), lemons, limes, and spiced Aztec chocolate balls are all fashioned into high-end soaps that mom will cherish and display. View the elegant selection at

Give mom some “me time” with invigorating Me! Bath products, scooped fresh into cartons just like ice cream. Shower sherbet, bath ice cream, body icing, ice cream pedicure, ice cream sandwich – all are delectable, and all are available at Choose mom’s favorite flavor, and spoil her with a fizzy scoop of essential oils, salts and minerals – to turn bath time into spa time. The Me! Bath collection is used at spas countrywide, and come in an assortment of flavors that take you on an olfactory trip around the globe.

Little Things That Mean A Lot:


Instead of giving mom chocolates,why not give her a slew of all-natural Ganache for Lips lip balm? This gourmet balm is infused with Scharffen Berger chocolate to deliver the sensation and taste of chocolate without the pounds–and the ingredients are real: easy to pronounce and understand. Available in Vanilla Mousse, Mocha Latte, and seven other delectable flavors at

If mom’s lips are on the thin side and she wants to pump them up–while hydrating them and smoothing fine lines – give her new IQ Derma lip gloss, which contains a patented peptide complex that restores collagen to the lips. Olive and sweet almond oils hydrate. Find it at

Mom can say goodbye forever to cracked heels with Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Foot Crème and Foot Scrub. Just in time for sandal weather, this dynamic duo will soften dry heels and leave mom’s feet fresh as two daisies. And it’s organic! Find it at

Another lip-smacking treat for mom’s purse are Oral Fixation mints, which come in mimosa mint, mojito mint, fabulous fruit, herbal jasmine, and green tea flavors. Don’t let mom reach for an ordinary mint when she wants to freshen her breath on the red carpet! Visit

Whatever you choose for mom will be the right gift, and the time you spend with her will be the most cherished of all!

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