Metro Mama: A Trio of Great Books for Kids

Before bedtime and in lieu of screens, your little ones can (and should) savor books this summer, and all throughout the year. Crown House Publishing is a fantastic source for children’s books, and we’ve tested these three on wee ones between the ages of 2-6 years with ultra-positive results, i.e multiple requests to re-read, and re-dead again…

The Wolf Was Not Sleeping by Avril McDonald, illustrated by Tatiana Minina, is a book and conjures up graphic comparisons to Pixar with its beautiful, magic illustrations. It helps children get in touch with their emotions when afraid and tame their fears.

The Grand Wolf, another wolf book that is also by Avril McDonald and illustrated by Tatiana Minina, is equally gorgeous and entrancing, and helps children deal with major life changes. Another

The third book that children will absolutely love is Bob and the River of Time, which was written and illustrated by James Garner. Chock full of endearing detail, this book is a romp through the plants and creatures of the English countryside that’s both fun and engaging. For children over three years, it’s the perfect travel game book, too.

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