Metro Mama: Holiday Toys & Games

Kids need to move, run, jump, yell, sing, dance, and revel in their amazing kinetic energy — and city parents know their children can spend hours at a park and never tire of playing. Here are some products to keep in mind for the holidays and for any snow or rain day when your little ones are bouncing off of the walls.

Strap these Turbo Jett Blue DXL rollers onto a pair of sneakers and watch the fun begin! These move at speeds up to 10 mph for 30 minutes of continuous use. The motor delivers smooth and steady power, and riders can control their action with their preferred foot. These fit shoe sizes Youth 12 through Adult 12, and support up to 176 pounds. In a word, these are awesome. Order them at

For the songbird, crooner, Broadway belter or budding divas on your list, consider Singsation, a karaoke system that works in tandem with all karaoke apps, offers built-in effects, can change colors and lighting modes, and can fill a room with a big-bass sound. Connect by Bluetooth or plug in with your headphone jack to sound like a pro. Now everyone on your list can be a star! Snap it up at

VocoPro offers all manner of karaoke systems, machines, rolling equipment and microphones to turn your family room into a concert hall with a light show, and to entertain everyone from toddlers to octogenarians this season. Peruse this impressive lineup at and consider singing holiday songs around the VocPro in lieu of a piano – or along with the piano. Bluetooth connectivity with apps renders everything easy.

For the wee one on your list, the Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick three-wheel scooter will delight for hours, both indoors and out. Stable, wide, slip-resistant and featuring a wide rear wheel base for safety, this is heartily recommended for children over three years of age, supporting up to 45 pounds. Find it at

For Holiday gaming, go offline with friends and family by playing one of the Vertellis card games. They bring family members together through meaningful questions and lively discussions. Vertellis means “tell me more” in Dutch, and the game’s questions are designed to spark memories and colorful tales. Vertellis offers a variety of conversation card games: the Holiday edition, the Family edition, the Relationship edition – and an opportunity for self-reflection with the Vertellis Chapters, which enables you to grow more positive and self-reflective. Come to know and appreciate more deeply the very people you like the most! Read more and order at

Happy Holidays ~ your loved ones are the best gift!