Metro Mama’s Summer Must-Haves


School is officially over and you think you and your kids are all prepared for camp, pool, yachting – you know….the usual summer fare. But if you’re like me, you’ve already run out, lost or flat out forgotten certain summer must-haves. I’m bound to find that random flip flop under the front seat of the car or a sticky mess of sunblock covering the bottom of the Bugaboo sometime in August, but in the meantime, here are some items to make the journey to September fun, easy and carefree – just as summer should be!

Dawgs Bendable Flip Flops

Our diaper bags are already busting at the seams and we know what it’s like to go from the gym right to the pool, then to the playground and then out to dinner. Dawgs are perfect for this reality we live everyday. They fold & fit right into their very own travel bag which then fits easily in your purse for easy access, they have a comfortable cushioning foam insole and a durable rubber outsole to take on those rugged city streets. And they come in fun metallics and a variety of colors so they go with virtually everything! Visit

OFF Bug Repellant

It’s hard enough for us to stop scratching those itchy mosquito bites all summer so you can imagine how annoying those nasty bug bites are for our kids. Fortunately, OFF! Botanicals Spritz has made this summer necessity less of a pest to both moms and kids. It’s a plant-based insect repellent with Aloe Vera to help keep biting bugs and mosquitoes away. It’s formulated with a safe repellent active identical to the one found in lemon eucalyptus oil. The no-mess application effectively keeps mosquitos, black flies, no-see-ums and ticks away for up to two hours. Visit for more information.

The Mother Tucker Nursing Tank by Belly Bandit

Thanks to the Mother Tucker™, breastfeeding moms can take multi-tasking to a whole new level. You’ll get easy nursing access and a slimming, trimming compression garment all in one stylish wardrobe staple. Designed in an ultra-soft breathable knit, The Mother Tucker™ nursing tank has been engineered to offer exceptional underwire-free support, slide-over cups for discreet nursing access and three strategic zones of compression to flatten your belly, tame muffin top and battle back bulge. Signature details include a 3” anti-roll bottom, tummy flattening center and extra-wide straps for superior shoulder comfort. When worn consistently, this Mother may help postpartum stretch marks by containing loose skin, all the while improving your posture. Breastfeeding is known to burn thousands of calories. With the Mother Tucker, it’ll look like you’re burning millions. Visit

Kid Crème from MD Solar Sciences

We may dread applying sunblock almost as much as we loathe bundling our kids up with 40 layers all through the winter, but with KidCreme from MD Solar Sciences, your can rest assured, your kids will be well protected. And this entirely chemical-free formula has a silky, smooth application and looks invisible on skin – making both moms and kids happy! Developed by world-renowned dermatologists to meet high UVA/UVB protection, safety and environmental standards, this patent-pending physical (mineral) block contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to protect against broad spectrum UV rays associated with skin cancer. This very water-resistant, non-drip formula is non-comedogenic and free of fragrance and parabens. Available in many physician offices, independent pharmacies, spas and resorts, and check out for their full line of sunscreens and UPF clothing for the whole family.

Skylar Luna Loungewear

Beautifully crafted entirely from Turkish organic cotton, these machine-washable loungewear by Skylar Luna are set apart by their contemporary palette and fresh California feel. Kids will feel cozy and cuddly in their pjs while looking oh so chic in this trendsetting, eco-friendly line. Uniquely packaged in a reusable linen pouch, Skylar Luna Loungewear makes for the perfect gift. It also provides peace of mind by meeting Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines for children’s sleepwear. Visit

Enjoy the rest of your summer with the kids!

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