Metro Moms: A Primer for Healthy and In Shape


Keep your heart healthy, eat right, exercise, and energize post-pregnancy with these new products specifically designed to help you roll out the healthy lifestyle.


These two videos can effortlessly (well…almost) jump-start your exercise regime. Busy moms can’t always pack off to the gym, and for those who don’t have personal trainers who will make house calls, these two videos will make exercising convenient and enjoyable. Who doesn’t like walking? Leslie Sansone’s In-Home Walking Videos are not only fun to walk along with, but they’re surprisingly effective to boot. And Sansone’s Super Food booklet will provide a 10-day eating plan for walkers to keep energy high and hunger at bay. Check it all out at

New moms can also reclaim their figures with Sara Holliday’s Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout, which is part of her popular “Fit For Mom” series. Tone up head to toe in as little as 30 minutes per workout with a program geared to both cardio and toning, typical post-partum problem areas, and all fitness levels. Visit for more information. Even if you’re not postnatal, this is an ideal workout if you’re busy and prefer to exercise in the comfort of home.


Everything you always wanted to know about your heart and more can be found in the pages of Gerry Maddoux, M.D.’s book, Your Heart: Treat It Like You Love It. This fascinating resource book can help you stave off heart disease now, regardless of your age, and keep you informed of the latest news and innovations pertaining to heart health. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the country for those over age 25, and diseases of the heart and blood vessels constitute the largest percentage of health care problems.

Watching your diet is another way to bolster energy levels and shed pounds. Feed Your Tiger: The Asian Diet Secret for Permanent Weight Loss and Vibrant Health by Letha Hadady organizes four basic energy types into animal categories and explains their eating habits. The Tiger is a nervous eater, the Dragon is an emotional eater, Bears loves sweets and Cranes are junk-food addicts. Each energy type is prone to a certain pattern of weight gain and types of illnesses, and this book will provide you with recipes and the healing foods tailored to your energy type/eating habits. Visit to learn more and to order a book.


Do you want to actually see what you would look like of you lost 20 pounds? Now you can, at Brace yourself: you’ll be so motivated by the Other You that it’s scary! Send in a photo of yourself now, and receive a photo back of how you would look after your exercise and diet program. This new digital online service combines technology, visualization and motivation to turn dreams into reality. Simply upload a digital photo to the site and in less than 48 hours, receive an email with a transformed digital image of you, when you’ve reached your goal.

Post the new you on your computer screen, phone or fridge for a motivating boost. Inexpensive and fun, all you have to do to submit a photo is take the photo outdoors (with a non-busy background), the more full length, the better, tighter clothes are preferable for showing off the new you, and stand slightly at an angle so all body shapes are visible. Visit for a glimpse of life’s possibilities – or your future.

Goat’s milk ice cream? Absolutely. It’s delicious, and no one does it better than LaLoo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream, where it’s slow-farmed, hand-made and kitchen fresh. Lower in fat and calories, this is a healthy option and it come in 10 scrumptious flavors. For more information on health benefits, LaLoo’s goat farm, or for quick family recipes, visit Available at Whole Foods stores.

USDA-Organic ProBugs Whole Milk Kefir offers numerous benefits: it’s a great source of calcium and vitamin D, comes in a variety of flavors, has an easy-grip shape for little hands, boasts 10 live and active kefir cultures, and is designed with a new no-spill spout. Probugs offer protection by ridding the stomach of “bad” bugs. Kids will go for that! Visit for more information and flavors, or ask for it at your favorite health food store.


Stonyfield’s new dairy energy drink, Shift, is an organic alternative to the high-caffeine, sugar-laden drinks popular with teens. Brazilian acai and ginseng naturally deliver long-lasting energy, and the lack of antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, preservatives or toxins means you can feel great about giving it to your children. Shift’s protein, vitamins and calcium are beneficial for growing bodies, and the live active cultures boost health. Available in Berry Boost, Power Punch and Strawberry Banana flavors. Visit for more information.

Kids and adults alike will love Great Earth Vitamins. Not only do the Teddy’s Vitamins for Kids taste flavorful and come in whimsical teddy bear shapes, but instead of using artificial sweeteners, they’re sweetened with honey and fructose. Kids supplements include Vitamin C, Multi Chewables, Calcium Magnesium and Attentive Kids. The Femsyn Pregnatol Prenatal Care delivers a solid nutritional foundation during pregnancy, and provides more folic acid, calcium and iron than most prenatal supplements. After pregnancy, when moms are trying to get back in shape, Great Earth has an extensive line of diet and weight loss supplements, including Carb Arrest, CortiSculpt, and many more. Visit to peruse the extensive collection.

Toss out your skin-drying, chemical laden soaps and treat your skin to Organix-South’s Neem Complexion Bar. This bar offers 90% certified organic ingredients. Ideal for sensitive and hard to manage skin, this line uses no synthetic ingredients and prides itself on its integrity. Visit or call 888-989-NEEM for more information. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

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