Metro Roundup: From Kitchen To Table

November’s spotlight shines on Thanksgiving and all for which we’re grateful. Part of any family’s bonding rituals is food – whether a traditional dish passed down to link the generations, or a new focus on health, organics and local farming. Here’s a roundup of new items for the kitchen – and delicious new things to eat.

Prepare your feast with the Prepology eight-piece Melamine bowl set, which comes in a variety of colors and stacks neatly within itself. These durable bowls will withstand anything, including being flung by jubilant toddlers. Find it at Also available at is Paula Deen’s Stainless Steel and Copper Saucepot with a fry basket and tempered glass lid. The copper base lets you cook like a pro, so this 4-quart saucepot will quickly become one of your kitchen’s staples.

This Thanksgiving, support the brands that invest in a better future for our children. Bob’s Red Mill is a stone grinding whole grains miller with a diverse line of more that 300 healthy foods – and a brand with integrity. You can find Bob’s Red Mill flours, breakfast cereals, cookie mixes, breads, pancakes, pizza crust and many more laudable products at and

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze milk in chocolate, vanilla or original and unsweetened is a non-dairy treat that everyone will love – kids will relish chocolate and vanilla, and the plain original formula is versatile for cooking feasts, adding to cold cereal, and for post-diner tea and coffee. No cholesterol or saturated fats and high in vitamin A: buy it at Whole Foods stores and at

Hilton to is a source for fantastic home products that are culled from the Hilton Hotel’s luxurious offerings, including the Cuisinart Two To Go Coffeemaker. This sleek, compact coffee maker is simple yet elegant, and brews a perfect cup of coffee in twin 14-ounce cups. Treat yourself and your guests to it, available at

Metro Moms who want to cleanse, detox, and boost their beauty quotidian should try super-green, 95%-certified organic Cell*nique. This new beverage can amp up energy levels and metabolism, while imparting super foods, vitamins, and beneficial serving of fruits and vegetables. Available in five flavors at Whole Foods stores and

TeaZazz aims to replace sugary sodas with a new tea-and-carbonation combo that’s not only healthier, but also refreshing and tasty. Tea drinkers will love this bubbly new spin on a classic beverage, which comes in four flavors and can be found at You can also reach for one of Hank’s Gourmet Infusions instead of soda for a drink that’s rife with vitamins, calcium, and antioxidants. No preservatives or artificial flavors are added to this treat, and expecting moms will love that’s there’s no caffeine. Order them at

Certified vegan Crispy Cat Candy Bars are dairy and gluten free, kosher, 70% organic and contain no preservatives. Part of the Tree Huggin’ treats brand, the mint coconut bar is made with dark chocolate and coconut. Most important: they’ve passed the kid taste test. Available in various flavors: Another Thanksgiving dinner treat is a creamy milk chocolate turkey from Sees Candies. Tie a nametag around a turkey and place it next to a dinner plate, or stack them high near pie. Find them and many other delectable chocolates at

Thanksgiving leftovers? Pack them up in the most adorable lunchboxes, ever: the Built NY Munchler wearable backpack lunch sacks in four varieties – green Meadow the Rabbit, yellow Benny the Tiger, a pink Panda, and black + white Lefty the Dog. Easy to clean and just the right size; the Munchler lunch box is so cute you’ll want to save it as a keepsake. Order all three at

Add a sandwich to the Munchler made with ZAP peanut butter, and your little one will be getting an added dose of natural vegetables and fruits without even knowing it. ZAP peanut butter includes extras such as tart cherry, sweet potato, banana, blueberry, beet, carrot, spinach, strawberry and orange peel with 1,300 antioxidants per serving, yet it tastes the same as traditional peanut butter. Spread it on thick!

Moms will want to put a bottle of Aquadeco Natural Spring Water in the diaper bag, briefcase or on the serving table for guests. Not only is Aquadeco’s art deco bottle design inspired, but the water tastes great, too. Stock up on it at

Parents want the best for growing kids — and that should include toothpaste, so when it’s time to brush up, consider the natural benefits of using Jason Natural toothpaste. Cinnamon Mint and Vanilla Mint flavored toothpaste, and Cinnamon mouthwash are free of fluoride, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, alcohol and animal by-products. Find this brand at health food stores and at

When it’s all over, it’s time for the clean up. Not all dishes go into the dishwasher, and many New Yorkers don’t have one so hand washing dishes is a reality for most of us. New Dawn Plus Hand Renewal not only cleans, but it’s the first formula that actually improves the look and feel of your hands with just five uses. Available in three scents: Lavender, Pomegranate and Aleo Vera. .

From prep and cooking to dessert and leftovers, your Thanksgiving is covered. Let’s be thankful that we have choices that are healthful and nutritious.

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