Mom Hacks: This Playard Isn’t A Babysitter… But Close Enough

On June 7th, my seven month old started to army crawl — and within a matter of days, was doing so with the kind of speed, efficiency, and stealth you’d expect from a ninja. The days of plopping him on his belly on a play mat came quickly to a halt, and so did my productivity…and basically my ability to look away for more than a fraction of a second.

If you’re working from home, or just a mom who likes to use the bathroom with some semblance of privacy, a safe place to stash your little one for a few precious moments is a must.

With the 4moms Breeze Plus Playard, you get that safe nook and then some.

If you’re familiar with 4moms, you know that their M.O. is making life easier — and it usually involves an ingenious spin on essential baby gear. The Breeze Plus takes the annoyance out of playard functionality with an innovative design that is literally one step to open — push down on the middle. To close, pull up on the middle. That’s it.

When I opened the box, I didn’t see any type of instructions. I’m an instruction person. When it comes to mechanics and construction, I need directions and even with those, I can be easily baffled. My anxiety lasted only a moment before intuition took over, and I pushed down. Laid the mattress pad in. Boom, instant playard-safe-space.

In case you have no playard experience, this fairytale is not the usual. You’ll typically have to perform a playard dance that goes something like pull, pull, pull, unlock rails while simultaneously pushing in buttons. Collapse. I mean the playard, but hey, it’s possible you might too.

The Breeze Plus closes up compactly and slides back into a handy travel bag, so when travel is a thing again it’s a cinch to pack up. The compact design also makes it easy (or easier) if you live in a walk-up (it is still 23 lbs, but pshhh, so is my baby.) Other perks include its simple, sleek look and a portable bassinet and changing station that accommodates babies up to 18 lbs. This is a huge benefit even if you’re not traveling – if the baby’s crib is in your room, this means you can put your partner on baby duty and basically have a pop-up nap spot anywhere else in your home so you can catch zzzs in your own bed.

4moms is releasing an updated version of this playard mid-month—the updates include a full bassinet (vs. the current one’s half bassinet), a detachable flip changer for diapering babies up to 25 lbs, and a 2-in-1 mattress that fits both the playard floor and the bassinet (i.e. less to haul around). And the best part? The price has dropped from $299.99 down to $249.

Peeing in peace, here I come!

Shop the new Breeze Plus in mid-August at


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