Mompreneur of the Month: CeCe Hendriks of SPOILED! Children’s Consignment Boutique


Whether it’s for the baby naming or the family holiday photo-card, dressing our babies up in the cutest of clothes is one of our basic rights as mothers. And thanks to some of our favorite designers creating couture lines for children, it’s easy to turn our children into budding fashionistas. But doing so could be pricey, especially given our children’s rapid rate of growth in those first few years of life. Enter CeCe Hendriks. By creating SPOILED! Children’s Consignment Boutique, CeCe has made it possible for all moms to dress their kids up runway style!

SPOILED! embodies the three essentials of online luxury shopping: affordability, convenience, and exclusivity. One-hundred percent authentic, Hendriks’ pieces include collectables from European and American designers like Gucci, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana. Accepting inventory submissions from individuals and boutiques with clothing for ages 0 to 14 years, SPOILED! will offer a 50% consignment commission of the selling price. If the item is not sold after 90 days, the consignee has the choice to have the item returned or donated to Baby2Baby, which is one of SPOILED!’s charitable partners. Baby2Baby is a charity that supplies less fortunate families with essential baby gear and clothing for their children. 10% of SPOILED’s net profit on sales gets donated to the organization, plus a portion of un-sold clothing.

Read on to find out how CeCe Hendriks combined her love of fashion with her devotion to motherhood and created this amazing company. Visit for more information.

BN: Write your bio in 5 sentences or less (i.e. where’d you grow up?, where’d you go to school?, job before kids?, how many kids?, where do you live now? Hobbies? etc.)
CH: I’m originally from Houston, TX and moved to Los Angeles when I was 19. I’ve been traveling back and forth from LA to NYC for many years. I went to high school at LAMAR High in Houston and then attended Texas Southern University. Before my son Jordan was born I owned SHOCASEME Entertainment, a production company that contracted out to schools to teach acting and writing. I also produced, directed and wrote children’s plays. I love to spend my free time shopping, running and meditating.

BN: What inspired you to start your own business? How did it all begin?
CH: After getting married, I traveled to many cities.. from Milan to Istanbul from Paris to Portugal. I love European fashion, and I started buying my son amazing pieces. When we moved back to America I started giving his clothes away to friends after he outgrew them. It got to a point where people would just call to ask for his clothes, not understanding how much I had spent on them. One day the idea popped in my head WHAT IF?? and the rest is history. I attribute this business and the name of the company to my amazing son, Jordan, who one day asked me if he was spoiled.

BN: What challenges did you face when starting your company?
CH: One of the challenges I faced when starting the company was figuring out how to get the clothes for the website, but it turns out that many mothers had my same dilemma and were also looking to give away clothes that their children had outgrown.

BN: What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids (in or around NYC)?
CH: I love taking my son to see shows on Broadway, and I love shopping!

BN: You’re on a desert island…with your child – name 5 must-have items you’ll want with you
1. My son’s smile
2. My son’s ability to say, “It’s okay Mommy” under any circumstance
3. Food
4. My iPhone for music
5. My favorite Gucci shoes (at least I can still walk in fashion)

BN: What are your goals for the future of this company (realistic or in your wildest dreams)
CH: I would love to brand my name on pajamas sampled from Europe! It’s so hard to find nice pajamas. After that I’d love to brand shoes and eventually jeans!

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