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Every mom could use her own personal assistant, right? And yet, every mom has probably said at one time or another, “If I want it done right, I’ll just do it myself.” Well, combines those two realities in the perfect tool for today’s tech-savvy mom.

Running a household is a full time job. makes life easier and keeps mom organized by sending users a daily email with their schedule for the day and offering a mobile calendar in real time.

The site is collaborative, giving moms the ability to fluidly communicate important information to the people that assist them (grandparents, babysitters, nannies, spouses, children and other parents). Users could also use it as a personal inspiration bulletin board and full-service event planner.

CEOs in the corporate world have a variety of tools to help them do their job. HatchedIT is the new online management platform for the Family’s CEO: Mom. Read on to find out how Megan Brown co-Founded this revolutionary company.

BN: Write your bio in 5 sentences or less (i.e. where’d you grow up?, where’d you go to school?, job before kids?, how many kids?, where do you live now? Hobbies? etc.).
MB: If my bio had a headline it would be: Sleepless and pregnant in NJ. I’m a mid-western girl who has found herself heading up a tech company, something I never imagined when I was in college and my main dream was to move to the Big Apple. Currently at the end of my first trimester for my second baby (my daughter Madeleine is one and a half years old), I would tell you I had a hobby, but my only extracurricular activity at this point is sleep…and okay maybe a continued passion for fashion (though because we are running a startup I have whittled down my focus to accessories and lip gloss).

BN: What inspired you to start your own business? How did it all begin?
MB: In Feb. 2011, after giving birth to my first child, I realized that while on maternity leave, the large corporation I worked for would be putting me on disability. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. In essence, this took away all of my tools I depended upon to communicate with my husband. I was completely overwhelmed with new motherhood and now at a loss for how to coordinate our increasingly complex life. I had spent 15 years building a career in finance and all it took to inspire a total shift in careers was having my daughter. She truly is my inspiration. I took one look around and realized how many tools have been built for executives to manage their busy schedules yet so few exist to help manage a family. came to be because I saw a need in my own life for better family management and communication tools. In HATCHEDit, we have created the first mobile family management dashboard designed to assist the family CEO. The site as well as its free Android and iPhone/iPad apps provide families with tools like a shareable, color-coded calendar, photo sharing, to-do lists and more. Plus, our focus on privacy allows you to stay in complete control and still share information with grandparents, babysitters, in-laws, etc. My aim is to fundamentally change the way people manage their life online. But I am most proud that I am teaching my daughter that it is ok to be brave and chase your dreams.

BN: What challenges did you face when starting your company?
MB: I would like to say I am supremely confident 100% of the time but that would be a complete and utter lie. Insecurity is my greatest challenge, but, I face it head on every day. Of course, I had to confront the same issues every entrepreneur faces like how to find the right attorney or knowing the right place to spend our limited budget; but that learning experience is part of the joy. We still face new challenges every day but I feel so very fortunate that our family and friends are behind us every step of the way. I think launching such a robust venture without knowing you have a large support network would be nearly impossible. Just like raising a family takes a village these days, so too does starting a business.

BN: What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids (in or around NYC)?
MB: Oh, so much to do! I am in love with the Central Park Zoo! Maddie is fascinated by the penguins (and maybe I am a little bit too). We also love to walk the waterfront in Hoboken. The city view is amazing and there are so many great things for little ones to stop and see and explore. I also love the MET for kids of all ages. Yes, even the wee ones! *Helpful Hint: hand your child the map and let them be the “tour guide”. It will buy you a ton of time to wander at your leisure.

BN: You’re on a desert island…with your kids… name 5 must-have items you’ll want with you.
MB: My initial response to this question was “yowza, better go for the necessities! Food, Water, Shelter.” But then I realized it didn’t say “stranded on a desert island” so it’s a vacation, right? So if I were on a desert island with my kid(s) I MUST have:

* Endless supply of wine – preferably Sancerre.
* Sun Block – my daughter and I are both super fair-skinned!
* iPad stocked with books & magazines for me and games for Maddie
* Super Plush Turkish Beach Towels
* Sigh, my cell phone so we can look at pictures of her dad!

BN: What are your goals for the future of your company (realistic or in your wildest dreams)?
MB: I love this question! I actually don’t believe there are “wildest dreams” because every wildest dream is achievable if you have a plan! (well, except I did finally have to acknowledge recently that my dream of someday being a rockstar does finally need to be retired. That window has closed). My goal for HATCHEDit really is to fundamentally change the way families communicate.

Thanks, Megan for your insight and of course for fulfilling a much-needed niche for all of us moms out there! Visit to join (for free) and create your profile.

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Dollops of Diane

Great article! I love Megan and Kirsten of HATCHEDit!


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